Free app of the week disappears from the App Store

With the arrival of iOS 11, Apple completely revamped the App Store , but also removed one of the top rated sections by users, the free app of the week .

Every Tuesday, Apple used to offer us a free application to download on our iPhone or iPad. This section is now simply called ” APP OF THE DAY “, where they can offer us both free and paid applications.

Free app of the week disappears from the App Store
Free app of the week disappears from the App Store

In addition to the application of the day, the App Store also offers the “Game of the day” , where we have more information about it. Like the app of the day, it can be paid or free.

The renewal of the App Store, despite removing the free application of the week (which was published every Tuesday), we can enjoy more affordable prices. Specifically, today’s game only costs 0.49 euros.

These prices can be dangerous, as we have found some games or applications for this price where they then hid integrated purchases, the final price not being 0.49 euros for example.

The application of the day now usually has extra content, with much more information, something that is appreciated when it comes to some paid application. All the additional information we receive, could be determinant to buy a recommended or not recommended application.

The new App Store interface is much more visual than before, taking care of all aspects to have a cleaner application in the eyes of the user. Another interesting feature of the renewed App Store is that we can now know the prices of the integrated purchases of the applications.

Many users will miss the section “Free App of the Week” , where every Tuesday we had an interesting application for our use and enjoyment totally free.

Did you used to download the free apps of each week? Do you prefer the new app and game sections of the day?

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