Leaving a broken screen saver on your iPhone is not a good idea

Protecting your iPhone, especially the screen, is usually something of the utmost importance and highly recommended but not all options are always good. Sometimes, if the screen protector is not of good quality or has suffered damage it is best to remove it immediately because in the long run it can be worse. As the saying goes, sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease and with screen savers the same thing happens. In this post we’ll tell you why.

Broken protective glass can be disastrous

The protective glass of the iPhone, like those for any other device, is designed with the idea of protecting the screen from scratches and even breakage in case of falls. And although there are glasses manufactured with very good quality materials, the truth is that none guarantees that a fall will not end up breaking only the glass but also the screen of the device.

Leaving a broken screen saver on your iPhone is not a good idea
Leaving a broken screen saver on your iPhone is not a good idea

Screen protection glass

It is possible that if you have your mobile screen protected with a glass, it may have broken even superficially. In the case of the scratches these could go further and end up by cracking the glass given the pressure you exert on it when using the device. However, they are not a very serious problem but they are when the glass ends up breaking in a visible way.

When a screen saver breaks loose small crystals that although not appreciable are there and can end up by damaging the screen of the device and therefore no longer fulfill the function of protecting it to be the cause of a breakage that could be very expensive in the case of an iPhone. So if you detect a break in your glass , don’t hesitate to remove it and put a new one in whenever possible to keep your screen protected.

Protect your phone with quality covers and protectors

We don’t always carry a glass or a case on our terminals that really protects the device. Sometimes it is enough to have a nice design in the case of cases and that the glass protect us from scratches but if we really want to protect them and give our iPhone a quality protection we can find many options on the market.

Whether in a physical store or online we can buy a glass, case and / or bumper to protect our iPhone. In our case we like the products of RinhoShield , since we already tried them some time ago as you can see in the video and we know that they are still of an optimal quality .

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