Translate web pages in Safari for iOS with Bing Search

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Translate web pages in Safari for iOS with Bing Search
Translate web pages in Safari for iOS with Bing Search

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One of the news of the year in the Apple world has been without a doubt the opening that its mobile operating system has undergone. Third-party keyboards, greater integration with OS X and allowing applications to communicate and share content with each other have been some of the many new features that iOS 8 has brought, features that may not be enough for many. Among all these new features, the extensions stand out without a doubt, since, thanks to them, the way many of us use our iPhone or iPad has changed.

An example of this change and the potential it brings is Bing Search. Through this application, or rather, without having to interact with it only, we will be able to translate web pages directly from Safari. Let’s see how to do it.

As I said before, extensions have changed the way we use in many occasions our device. This is one of those occasions. Through the Bing Search extension in Safari, which we’ll have to activate in the Share menu beforehand, we’ll be able to translate the page we want without leaving the application.

Once activated, the process is very simple. When you want to translate a web page in Safari, just go to the Share button and click on the Bing Translator extension . Bing will automatically detect the language of our terminal and translate the page into that language, in this case Spanish.

It is surprising how quickly he translates, as it is almost momentary. Best of all, you don’t actually have to use the application at all, just set up the extension and the rest of the process is done entirely from Safari. Just another example of the power of extensions and their potential, which sooner or later all developers will end up implementing. Bing Search is currently available in the App Store USA, from where we can download it, although it will soon be extended to the rest of the countries.

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