Apple Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the First Mac with Employees

Apple thanks all its employees for their hard work over the past 30 years

The first Macintosh computer was introduced exactly 30 years ago and Apple is commemorating this anniversary on its official website, at its headquarters and, of course, in the official stores.

The executives wanted to share their joy for the anniversary by talking to Jason Snell from MacWorld and David Muir from ABC News and, above all, they talked about the evolution that Mac has undergone during these last thirty years and about the internal functioning of Cupertino’s company.

Apple Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the First Mac with Employees
Apple Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the First Mac with Employees

Apple’s website has launched a new page designed exclusively to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mac computers . On the website you can watch a video presentation, which gives an overview, in less than 3 minutes, of everything that has happened since the first Macintosh was launched, now 30 years ago.

Once the video is finished, we are presented with a chronological look at all the important events that have marked the present of Cupertino’s company , among which we can find the launch of the first iMac in 1998 and the MacBook Pro in 2006.

In order to thank all its employees for their hard work and time over the years, Apple has hung a poster on the company’s campus showing a simple number “30” with zero being the logo of the apple . This would not have any more importance, if it were not for the fact that as the employees approached the poster, they could see that the poster was made up of all the names of the employees who have participated and contributed to the company during these last 30 years.

The Mac App Store has also joined the 30th anniversary party

As the guys at iPhonehacks, the Mac App Store, say, they didn’t want to miss this party and presented a new special section, under the name “Happy Birthday, Mac”, which highlights the 30 apps and games that have marked an era over the years. The list of applications includes all the official Apple applications, such as iMovie, Aperture, Keynote, Pages and others.

As well as a list of incredible applications that collect the best of the best in the Mac App Store, such as Evernote, Djay, iBank , among others.

Finally, there is a list of the most outstanding games of the last few years, among which we can find Civilization 5, Xcom, Bioshock Infinite

There is no doubt that the 30th anniversary of the first Macintosh has been a very important event for the company , because the computer marked a before and after in the technological world and it was thanks to that launch that Apple has become one of the most important companies that exist today.

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