Hide the Dock or the “notch” of the iPhone with these Wallpapers

Customizing the iPhone is something personal for everyone, so today we show you another package of very interesting wallpapers that are also capable of hiding the Dock of our mobile device.

The procedure is really simple, we simply have to visit a specific web page, choose the desired wallpaper and use it as our home background.

Hide the Dock or the “notch” of the iPhone with these Wallpapers
Hide the Dock or the “notch” of the iPhone with these Wallpapers

The interesting thing about these wallpapers, is that we can even make our Dock disappear or even the “notch” of the iPhone X. The latter is even more curious, as it completely changes the style of the home screen.

Well, the first thing we have to do, is to visit this website from our iPhone and choose one of the different wallpapers that they offer us. Depending on the model of our iPhone, we can achieve an interesting effect. Let’s see it step by step:

  1. Visit this website
  2. Choose the wallapaper you like best
  3. Click on the “Share” button
  4. Tap on “Save image”
  5. On the reel, open the extensions
  6. Select “Wallpaper”


Ready, quick and easy. You already have a new wallpaper on the home screen or the lock screen of your iPhone. Remember, if you use a dark background on iPhone X, you’ll save battery power thanks to the Super Retina display.

Some wallpapers of the web page that we mentioned, can make disappear the Dock and the “notch” of the iPhone. To do this, simply look for the wallpapers that indicate “No Notch + No Dock” .

As you can see in the cover image, the result is quite curious, where besides surprising other users, we will give a very personalized touch to our iPhone.


If you want to personalize your mobile device even more, a few days ago we told you a trick to leave spaces between the icons on the home screen with a rather interesting visual effect trick. You can read it here .

What did you think of these wallpapers?

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