How to activate and use Apple Pay with your Banco Santander card on your iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac

Without changing region or resorting to other tricks. Apple Pay will arrive in Spain tomorrow from the hand of Banco Santander. The lucky customers of this financial entity will be able to enjoy the payment with their mobile phones on the different Apple platforms. To be ready for tomorrow’s launch, let’s see how to activate this service on your iPhone .

How to activate Apple Pay with your Banco Santander card

First of all, we will need an unexpired card from our Banco Santander . In the images, we use the one from a bank in Canada since at the time of writing this line, the service in Spain was not yet activated. Next, we will go to Settings> Wallet & Apple Pay. If you can’t find this menu, use the search engine at the top of the main Settings page.

How to activate and use Apple Pay with your Banco Santander card on your iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac
How to activate and use Apple Pay with your Banco Santander card on your iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac

Also you can access through the Wallet app and following the same steps as below.

You’ll see you have two choices. Before you add your credit or debit card, make sure that you have activated the option to pay with Apple Pay by pressing the Start button twice. To add a card, follow the instructions in the tutorial. In the first step, Apple will tell us that you may need to send some information to your bank, such as phone number, account and location to activate Apple Pay on your iPhone. Something that happens only the first time.

In the next step, we will use the iPhone’s camera to quickly scan our card data. We can either use this method or do it manually . We will need the card number, expiry date and security code (CVV) located on the back of the card.

You may need to enter a code that your bank sends you via email, phone or SMS. Once you accept the data, Apple Pay will be activated and we can use it to pay for our purchases.

Where and how to use Apple Pay

From here, there are three ways to pay with Apple Pay in Spain and with your Banco Santander card. In the case of physical stores, you will need to have a compatible POS with payment contact-less (something very common in our country). You can distinguish it because it will have a symbol similar to that of the Wi-Fi signal. To pay with Apple Pay at a store, you have two options:

  1. With an iPhone 6, 6s, SE or 7, we’ll press the Home button twice to launch Apple Pay. We can also do this by going to the Wallet app and selecting the card. We will approach the terminal to the POS, it will ask us for authentication through Touch ID and we will pay.
  2. With an Apple Watch of any generation, we will press twice the button under the digital crown. This will launch Apple Pay, so we will only have to bring the watch close to the POS to pay, without having to authenticate ourselves with Touch ID.

Apple Pay can also be used on websites. The ecommerce site from which you want to perform the operation will need to have integration with Apple Pay . If you make the purchase from your iPhone, you will only have to accept the operation with Touch ID.

Apple Pay para web ya es la quinta plataforma de pago online más popular.

You can also do it from your Mac, although this has more requirements. You’ll need to have Apple Pay set up, an iPhone compatible, a Mac compatible with Continuity, and a MacOS Sierra installed. When you go to make the operation, your iPhone will light up asking you if you accept the payment with Apple Pay. You will only have to accept with Touch ID. This step is skipped in the new MacBook Pro, since they have a Touch ID integrated in the keyboard.

After delays and a long wait, from tomorrow Banco Santander customers in Spain will be able to pay with Apple Pay . Let’s hope that the rest of the entities will be encouraged and embrace the Apple system as soon as possible.

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