Yamaha begins to deploy AirPlay 2 on its audio devices


As announced, they will be launching AirPlay 2 support for all of their home audio devices . This will be achieved during this month and will apply to several of the company’s products.

Yamaha begins to deploy AirPlay 2 on its audio devices
Yamaha begins to deploy AirPlay 2 on its audio devices

As announced on their official website, the launch will begin at the end of April . AirPlay 2 will include the following products:

  • MusicCast 20 and MusicCast 50 wireless speakers
  • MusicCast BAR 400 sound bar
  • RX-Ax80 Series AV Receivers
  • RX-Vx85 Series AV Receivers
  • RX-S602 slimline AV receiver
  • Sound bar ATS-4080
  • AV Receiver TSR-7850
  • CX-A5200 AV preamplifier processor
  • XDA-QS5400 MusicCast Multiroom Transmission Amplifier
  • MusicCast VINYL 500 Turntable (second half of 2019)

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AirPlay 2 will arrive as a firmware update for these devices. Updates are made via the Yamaha MusicCast Controller app for iOS.

AirPlay 2 is a wireless connection feature designed by Apple to stream content to other products from an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac . It is an evolution of AirPlay, and this second generation of the protocol allows audio to be sent independently from each speaker to create multiroom sound . From your iPhone or iPad you can easily choose which product to send the audio to, control the volume and separate them in the Home app according to their location.

It is up to each manufacturer to offer compatibility with this functionality. Currently apart from Yamaha we have many other brands that already have it . Bang&Olufsen, Bose, Beats, Bowers&Wilkins, Lubratone, Sonos… are some of the brands that have models that are compatible with AirPlay 2. We should not forget about TV brands such as Samsung, LG, Vizio and Sony.

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