Xombit Games Selection: Playing Tiny Tower

I’m a sucker for the Nimblebit games. The ones where everything is tiny and pocket, totally casual games, I have to confess my addition. Plus the game we’re watching today was voted best game by Apple a couple of years ago, so it’s no small thing. In Tiny Tower it’s one of those games where you can never lose, you can only make good or bad decisions but always upwards.

Welcome one more Saturday to Applesupportphonenumber’s weekly selection of games: directly from Xombit Games to your iPhone, Mac, iPad… This week it’s the turn of another game from the well-known developer Nimblebit. We have already tried other games like Pocket Planes or the recently released Nimble Quest, but we never talked about Tiny Tower. I was lucky enough to have to restore my iPhone and not be tempted to install it again, because it really was a dangerous addiction!

The game

Xombit Games Selection: Playing Tiny Tower
Xombit Games Selection: Playing Tiny Tower

As you can see, he looks very nice. The way it works is very simple: we have to build a tower – a tiny tower – and run the businesses and inhabitants – called bitizens – who live and coexist in it. We will start with a few floors of the building and with each new one we will have to decide what to put in it. On the one hand we have the residential floors, from which our workers will come. The residential floor can have hundreds of different aspects but they will be important because the more businesses bitizens we will need.

The bitizens will move into our building as time goes by, although we can always pull the typical box pass and fill it up at once. In business there is more diversification. There are businesses of food, services, recreation, shops and creativity. Depending on the needs of the moment that we can consult in the menu we can choose between one or the other.

We must bear in mind that our little inhabitants have needs and tastes: one likes to work on some food more than another. Moreover, the higher this level is or even if it is their life’s work we will get improvements for it such as discounts or reductions in waiting time. There are also the VIPs, they are visitors who can fill a flat for us, a celebrity who can attract people to one of the shops in the building, a builder who can reduce the waiting time to have a flat finished…

In addition, we can also complete missions if we meet a number of requirements. The good thing is that the reward is important, although as I say, the hard part is finding the requirements. When we set up a business we don’t choose, but it is random, if we want to choose it we will have to spend money.

Where is the trick to this wonderful free game? As you may have guessed it is in the waiting times. Every business has three different levels or types of products that we have to replenish the stock to keep making money in the building. To replenish that stock, besides having enough money, you have to wait a certain amount of time, just like if you build a new floor you have to wait. And the higher up, the longer you wait. I’m talking about a few minutes for the stock of something basic for a business over twelve hours to complete a floor over there on level 25.

Graphics and sound

Tiny Tower (gratis)

pocket and tiny . Little else stands out from the graphics, and more of the same from the sound. During the game, several well-placed tunes are played and the sound effects like the elevator or the doorbell are great too.


You must try it. It is an addition since you start with little and with little time you already have a few floors. When you finish a work or when you restock you get notifications push so you are a bit abducted by the same game, always looking for one or the other. But if you are patient, I reached level 26 without spending a single euro and in a relatively short time. It’s integrated with Game Center and we can even see the towers built by our friends, although it lacks some more social component among our friends. What if you do not float is the already classic Bitbook present in Pocket P^lanes, a virtual social network within the game. I encourage you to try this light freemium I would say, to differentiate it from games like Need for Speed or Dungeon Hunter where what you are looking for is the total monetization of the title.

Also, just last week you received a minor update with improvements in notifications and new floors, so you have no excuse to try it out!

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