Workflowy, for those who give free rein to the lists [Special Task Managers]

We continue with our task manager special, ideal for all those who have set themselves proposals to be more productive this year. Today we are going to see Workflowy , a task manager that stands out for being one of the simplest and easiest to use but at the same time hides a lot of flexibility.

It’s a pity, but Workflowy is not very popular in its sector. Maybe the reason is that it’s not what most people are looking for, but personally I’ve been using it for my personal and professional life for over a year now and it has helped me a lot without having to complicate my life by configuring applications or creating tasks with too many options.

Workflowy, for those who give free rein to the lists [Special Task Managers]
Workflowy, for those who give free rein to the lists [Special Task Managers]

In the specific case of this special, Workflowy differs from the other alternatives we have discussed by being web-based and not having a native application for OS X. It does have one for iOS (optimized for the iPhone and iPad), and for the rest of mobile devices the mobile web is also a good solution.

Workflowy: as simple as typing the task and pressing Enter

Workflowy’s web interface is as simple as a sheet of paper. We write something and that’s it, what we’ve written becomes a task . That task can be tagged (using the @arroba or
The ideal tool for finding the best method to match our productivity

Workflowy is not for everyone . Those who look for applications and services with as many options as possible will not like it, and those who have adopted the GTD method literally will not find it comfortable. However, for those who are looking for a tool that allows them to shape their own way of working, Worlflowy is ideal because of its flexibility.

It is worth mentioning, for all those who love GTD or the more properly structured tasks in applications such as Things or Wunderlist, that Workflowy p can also work as an additional tool to assemble task lists quickly and easily. In any case, it is an excellent tool that will do more than one person a favor in any way. And of course, all this simplicity and flexibility is mirrored in the mobile interfaces of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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