Why Excel is better than Numbers

Do you use Excel or Numbers when making spreadsheets? Of course, each one has advantages and disadvantages and will put us in the situation of having to choose one of them. Today we’re going to look at the reasons why it’s better to use Excel on our Mac than Numbers. A professional program that meets everything you put in front of it.

Third and last article comparing Office and iWork where we see the benefits of the Microsoft office suite. In this article we will see five reasons why it is much better for us to use Excel than Numbers. Of course Numbers is a very good alternative for those who want to make simple and superfluous spreadsheets, but if we want something professional we will have to opt for Excel.

Excel can work with very large files

Why Excel is better than Numbers
Why Excel is better than Numbers

Many of you will probably not be affected by this, since you don’t do very large spreadsheets and tables, however, if we keep the accounts of a company or work with very large files in Numbers it will be impossible for us . Numbers collapses with documents that are a certain size, but in Excel we will not have this problem.

Much more documentation and tutorials

Let’s be honest, working with spreadsheets is difficult if we are not taught. That’s why we often use web-based tutorials to do certain calculations or to create a macro correctly, for example. However, if we are working with Numbers it is not going to be so easy to find tutorials for answers to our questions. This is mainly because it is not as well known and used as Excel.

Macros and programming, much more worked in Excel

As we have said before, Office is much more focused on the professional public and companies than iWork -used more in domestic environments-. This is why when it comes to making macros or working with more complex tools, it will be much easier for us to do it in Excel, as we have more options in this respect.

Business use

In any SME we go, we will see that their tool par excellence is Excel. And this is because it is a solid program that does its job well. In economics faculties they teach how to work with Excel and in companies they ask us to know how to work with Excel, not with Numbers.

Compatibility and Office 365

As we have seen in the previous section, Excel is a tool used in universities and companies, that is why everywhere we go we will be asked for documents in Excel and not in Numbers. Personally I have been in the situation of doing a university work with Numbers and when exporting it to Excel I have found many errors that made me not work with Numbers again in academic and professional areas.

Office 365 is the ideal service if we work as a team and we want our spreadsheets to be synchronized across all computers. Nowadays, any teamwork is much easier in the cloud than carrying USB sticks around.

And these are the five arguments why it is better to work with Excel than with Numbers, remember that you can see the arguments in favor of Numbers in this other article . What program do you use to make spreadsheets?

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