Why does the size of the iPhone 7 Plus seem excessive to me?

Choosing between the 4,7″ and 5,5″ models on the iPhone depends on several factors. In order to choose the screen model that best suits your needs you have to assess, among other things, which one is more feasible for your hand, what you are going to use it for, what difference one model and another makes in features and performance, and how it will affect your pocket; and I don’t just mean how much you are willing to pay for your new iPhone.

The size, sometimes, if it is everything

In my case I did not make the choice of size by valuing what I now think I should value. Five months ago I went to an Apple Store in search of the most powerful iPhone ever: the iPhone 7 Plus.

Why does the size of the iPhone 7 Plus seem excessive to me?
Why does the size of the iPhone 7 Plus seem excessive to me?

I already knew the specifications of the smartphone, but the shop reminded me of them: battery that arrived at the end of the day without problems , an impressive double camera capable of making you forget your professional camera many times, optimal performance thanks to the A10 Fusion microprocessor … Anyway, it was a beast of a device and today I can testify to that. But over time it is not so much its performance and capabilities that I value, but its overall size counting also the frames (those damn frames).

It came from a Huawei P8, which I already considered quite large when I bought it, but I adapted well to it, although I promised myself not to go beyond that size if I wanted to continue to have an ergonomic mobile. But the iPhone 7 Plus arrived and where I said, I said Diego.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models

When I opened the box and had the phone in my hands for the first time, I already noticed that it was getting heavy (not so much because of its weight of 188 grams, but because of its ergonomics in my hand). The fact is that I was so fascinated with my new terminal that I hardly thought about how difficult it was for me to hold it in my hand .

I gave it some time thinking that I would get used to using it, rarely to one hand, and letting time go by I missed the 14 days Apple gives to return or exchange a product. By the time I realized it, I was doomed to
to be with my Plus model. I could sell it but its market value is so low that it wouldn’t even allow me to buy the 7 with that money.

Waiting for a model that fits better in the hand without becoming too small

In a couple of weeks, I’ll have an iPhone 7, no bonus. Thanks to a friend I’ll trade it in with. I am sorry to lose my Plus model for two reasons, the battery (which, although the difference with the 7 is not abysmal, if you can notice that it lasts

less), and for the spectacular camera that those of Cupertino have given us with this terminal. But now I know that I will gain in comfort : I will be able to operate the phone with only one hand and I will be able to carry it in any pocket. It doesn’t seem much, but in my case I think that the comfort of use is more important than the features that I will lose, and that is that after all I will continue to enjoy a phone with the same performance efficiency (they have the same processor) and the same operating system version .

iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus models

And finally, to put a pin in Apple’s eye, to say that although the 4.7″ models are very comfortable, I see them as too small compared to even some low range of other brands. Not so much and not so bald. Maybe I’m never satisfied, but I think it wouldn’t be bad to have a mobile phone with a bigger size, which would be intermediate without reaching the 5.5″ one. Nevertheless, I am very happy to have my iPhone 7 and hope that Apple surprises us with that tenth anniversary iPhone that is being talked about so much. Hopefully my hands will be grateful for the size of that future technology bomb that is coming.

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