Who will manufacture iPhone screens in the future

Currently Apple has different screen suppliers for its iPhone. On the one hand there are LG and Samsung, who have been the main manufacturers of the OLED panels for the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and now the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. However, the company also has a supply of LCD panels from Japan Display, a company that is currently in financial trouble and could be the one to manufacture OLED displays in the near future as well.

Japan Display is a company, as its name suggests, of Japanese origin. As we learned last summer, this company would be going through a bad time as far as liquidity is concerned. Apple, who has business with this company with the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 screens, would have wanted to help them by making a future investment of close to 100 million dollars .

Who will manufacture iPhone screens in the future
Who will manufacture iPhone screens in the future

iPhone 11 LCD panel

Recently we have learned that Apple will go beyond the previously mentioned investment and that Cupertino wants the Japanese company to supply all OLED panels in the future to the detriment of Samsung and LG. This would mean that would become the saviour of this company after having gone through several economic bailouts in recent years.

The truth is that Apple had some difficulty in entering the OLED display market, mainly due to the high performance obtained over the years from IPS-type LCDs. It is not in vain that we see how the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPad Pro continue to incorporate this type of material into their displays, giving a good experience to users.

Although the Apple Watch already came with OLED screens since its launch, the truth is that we had to wait until 2017 to see an iPhone with this screen technology . It was the iPhone X in particular that released it, and later the iPhone XS and now the iPhone 11 Pro inherited these panels that have been improved over the years.

So far Apple’s experience with Samsung and LG has been very positive in this area . It is true that they are competing companies, but we must not forget that in the end it is the parts of these companies that are dedicated to components and that have nothing to do with what they incorporate into their terminals. After all, it is Apple that sends its designs so that they are manufactured with the best quality.

Once we take the permanence of the OLED panels on the iPhone for granted, it remains to be seen if other devices will also acquire this technology , in which the company Japan Display would also come into play. Rumors about iPad and MacBook with this type of display have been going around for months now, but we still don’t have a single certainty that they will arrive soon.

What do you think about all this? Is Apple right to give continuity to OLED displays and to make Japan Display its supplier? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.

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