Where to sell AirPods and make the most money

If you want to sell your AirPods because you are no longer going to use them, either because you have bought a new generation, a different brand of headset or simply because you need money, you may be interested in knowing the best places to put them on sale. One of the most classic methods is word of mouth, that is, telling your friends and family about it and asking them to let you know if they know of anyone who is interested, but for practical purposes this is not always the best option. That’s why in this post we show you which are the best options to sell your AirPods.

Before getting to the part where we analyze the different methods of selling AirPods, we inform you that these are 100% available in Spain and although some of them are international we cannot guarantee that they will work the same way in other countries in Europe and Latin America. That said, any of them will work for you to sell first or second generation AirPods, AirPods Pro and even any other Apple device.

Used Apples, Apple Product Experts

Where to sell AirPods and make the most money
Where to sell AirPods and make the most money

Visit the Used Apples website

If you didn’t know it, you might be interested to know that Used Apples is one of the largest websites for buying and selling Apple products . Here, private users put on sale all kinds of products and accessories of the Californian brand. Although there has been some controversy in the past, the truth is that the developers legally guarantee all the conditions and warranties of the buying and selling process , ensuring that both parties are satisfied.

Wallapop, the most popular buy-sell app

DownloadQR-CodeWallapop – Buy and sellDeveloper: WALLAPOP SLPrice: Free

This is a well-known application in which thousands of people visit daily to buy or sell all kinds of products. The electronics section, which AirPods would enter, is one of the most frequented by buyers. In this app you can set your price and even make your ad stand out from the rest, although you would have to pay a supplement for this. The rest of the app is free and works great.

With Milanuncios you can reach all of Spain

This is another of the larger portals for buying and selling . Its good positioning in search engines such as Google could make your AirPod ad stand out and receive visits that could eventually turn into purchases. You can visit their website by clicking here.

Vibbo, a classic of the second-hand sale

DownloadQR-Codevibbo – Second hand shopDeveloper: Adevinta Spain S.L.U.Price: Free

“First I ‘vibe’ it, then I sell it.” This slogan probably rings a bell in the form of a song from multiple advertisements published by this portal on television and the Internet. Vibbo is a renowned buy-sell portal for all kinds of items and has both web and application for iOS and Android. In the past it was known as SegundaMano.es and today it still has the same essence. It should be noted that it also has a website.

Facebook Marketplace, increasingly widespread

DownloadQR-CodeFacebookDeveloper: Facebook, Inc.Price: Free

If you have a Facebook account, you may have noticed that the application offers a tab for accessing products for sale for some time now. If you didn’t already know, we’ve just discovered it for you. By accessing the corresponding section, you can post your ad and share it with the rest of the community and your own friends .

Amazon, because here you can also sell

Access Amazon Trade-In

Sell on Amazon? Indeed. We usually use the well-known portal to make purchases of all kinds of products and many times we ignore that we can also make the opposite process. The downside of this is that you won’t earn money as such from the sale of your AirPods but rather you will receive gift cards that can be exchanged for any product on the portal . Obviously this is not the same as receiving cash, but if you are a regular shopper on this site it could be a good option.

eBay, another classic of buying and selling

Since the appearance of the Amazon giant, this platform seems to have been somewhat overshadowed. However, it is still a very recurrent place for buyers , especially for electronic products such as AirPods. On this site, you can set a price for your product which you will then receive, but we must warn you to read the conditions beforehand. Depending on the product you sell, may or may not require a small commission when you sell your headphones. You can access the eBay sales portal by clicking here.

Cash Converters and other physical stores

The last option left is to sell the AirPods in a physical second-hand store . An example of this type of shop is Cash Converters, one of the most famous second-hand chains in Spain. You have the guarantee that if your AirPods are in good condition they will pay you for them. The same is true for most of these stores, however there is one small problem: in these stores they usually give smaller figures for your products than you could get from the previous websites . Part of the reason for this policy is that these AirPods will be sold to someone else. So if you are interested in selling your headphones quickly and don’t mind ‘losing’ some money, this option is the most valid.

Using your social networks

Your social networks can be key to selling an accessory like the AirPods. You’ve probably seen more than once how a friend or acquaintance has posted on WhatsApp , Instagram or Twitter that they want to sell something. Why not do it yourself? Throw a photo at your AirPods and post it on your social network wall that they are for sale. You can leave out the price and suggest that they contact you for more information. You may also be lucky enough that someone may not be directly interested but will remember that someone they know is interested.

Do you know any other method to sell AirPods? Tell us in the comment box.

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