WhatsApp Web updates, use it on your iPad too

After a good update on the iPhone application, now WhatsApp Web is updated, as is its downloadable version for Mac.

In this new update, we found improvements in the emojis and verified company accounts, so it will now be easier to recognize them.

WhatsApp Web updates, use it on your iPad too
WhatsApp Web updates, use it on your iPad too

For the web version, nothing needs to be done, it will be updated automatically. But for the downloadable version , we do need to update it to the latest update.

We don’t have a dedicated iPad app yet, but at least we have the option to “trick” the server so we can use the star messaging service on our device.

To use it on our iPad , we have to go to Safari, enter the WhatsApp Web page and press the circular arrow next to the URL for a couple of seconds. Specifically until the floating window appears with the message ” Desktop version “.

From now on, we can use WhatsApp from our iPad as if we were on our Mac . A somewhat rudimentary solution, but one that works perfectly. For faster access, we recommend you to add the direct access to the iPad main screen.


In the next updates, there is talk of an exclusive application for iPad, specifically before the end of the year, but these are rumours. Although, when the river sounds, water carries.

For the moment, we’ll have to settle for this way of using WhatsApp on our iPad. A way more than enough to keep in touch with our friends.

What do you think of these improvements? Have you tried out the flagship messaging app on your iPad?

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