WhatsApp is updated by fixing the keyboard problem

Recently WhatsApp received a major update, with many users complaining about a problem with the keyboard in the iPhone app. Today, a new update is fixing the keyboard issue.

This problem basically caused the keyboard to be off-center from its usual position, where it was impossible to answer a message. It could even leave the application “frozen” .

WhatsApp is updated by fixing the keyboard problem
WhatsApp is updated by fixing the keyboard problem

In addition, a delay in pressing the virtual keys made typing very difficult, especially at a fast pace. Now it seems to have been solved at last.

WhatsApp is the number one application in instant messaging, unrivalled right now, ranking first in all available application stores. A must-have application used daily by millions of people.

No errors can be allowed, as we are talking about a communication system that has displaced the phone calls , the emails or the circulars from companies or schools.

Although many don’t see this system as serious for certain communications, the truth is that it is increasingly used for professional topics , where even WhatsApp studies an enterprise version.

One of the most common problems in the previous version was the issue of the keyboard , where many users found it difficult to have a normal conversation on WhatsApp. Although this bug was fixed , many users were still experiencing the problem.

With the new version released today , this problem is completely solved. There are no other new features in this update (at the moment) as WhatsApp only specifies the same description as the previous version.

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This iOS version corresponds to 2.17.61, i.e. a minor correction for performance and stability, as the previous one was 2.17.60, released only a week ago.

So feel free to update this new version of WhatsApp where fixes the virtual keyboard problem in iOS 11.

Have you noticed any improvement in this iOS 11 release? What do you think about the new design of this iOS app?

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