Whatoweather, the app that tells you what to wear depending on the weather

How many times have we gone out on the street and had to come back because we forgot that jacket we needed due to the cold wind that is blowing? Or how many times have we left our sunglasses at home because we thought it was not going to be very sunny and have gone blind? I’ll tell you, a few. Although we have the possibility to know the weather at all times, most of the time we don’t know what we should wear. To solve this problem there is Whatoweather .

Whatoweather is an application for iOS developed entirely in Spain and that we recommend every day in the place where we are. It is, for now, an application oriented basically to a female audience but thanks to a great help we have been able to analyze this curious application as it deserves.

What should I wear?

Whatoweather, the app that tells you what to wear depending on the weather
Whatoweather, the app that tells you what to wear depending on the weather

You get up very early in the morning and the legumes and darkness prevent you from knowing what the weather is going to be like and what you should wear. Just open Whatoweather and thanks to the built-in location (which can be turned off and put on manually) you’ll find a head-to-toe suggestion to guide you on what you should wear. If you like something they suggest the application allows you to select each garment as a favourite separately or save the whole outfit for future use. In addition you can also see where to buy the clothes that the app suggests , giving you a direct link to the online shops with their prices.

In addition to the possibility of choosing outfits, we can also mark garments as our own , that is, if we see a shirt that we already have, we can mark it as bought so that the application takes it into account when recommending clothes to us on a subsequent occasion. The social component is also present in Whatoweather, allowing us to consult the most popular garments and outfits, as well as knowing which are the newest elements that are more in fashion.

An application with potential

The application has a lot of potential but still has a long way to go. To the failure that for now (they have promised to solve it soon) there are only women’s clothes, there is also the lack of national stores in the recommended garments. Having such a rich industry with brands like Inditex or Cortefiel it is strange that the application goes to brands like Sheinside on the other side of the pond.

In addition to these two major flaws, there is a somewhat strange interface, far from the usual iOS standards, which despite having a fairly complete aid, discourages those of us who are used to interfaces with large, clear and direct buttons. Personally I think that the application needs much more social interaction . The option of being able to combine garments saved in a new outfit, to be able to save all the outfits you want or to allow you to explore the ones that some users have created would be a very interesting point that would make a whole lot of sense to an application so oriented to the world of style and fashion.



Thanks to Alba for the invaluable help in testing this application

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