what to expect from tvOS 11

Atresplayer ya está disponible para Apple TV

We’ve been looking at what we can expect from iOS 11, macOS 10.13 and even watchOS 4. But we are missing the latest operating system from Apple, sometimes unfairly ignored: tvOS. At WWDC we should be able to see official data about tvOS 11 , and there is no rumor about what new it might bring.

what to expect from tvOS 11
what to expect from tvOS 11

So it’s time to ask ourselves the question: What can we expect next Monday for Apple TV? tvOS is a very young operating system, so we cannot start from a solid enough base to determine a definite evolution. It’s time to think a little.

Apple TV as a console: a better engine for games?

Apple TV can improve a lot at a hardware level, so a possible evolution we can see is the arrival of new graphic engines that will motivate developers to release their video games for tvOS. The world of video games in the show is already very tight, but there is room for one more rival. It all depends on whether Apple wants to get into that battle.

Home” application for tvOS

HomeKit can now be configured on the Apple TV, so that the player serves as a hub that controls the devices remotely. But this is something that is done within your own preferences, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the arrival of the “Home” application to tvOS.

Siri enriched

And as in the rest of the systems, if Apple wants us to use Siri more, I have no doubt that the assistant will receive improvements to be able to attend more orders and integrate with all the parts of the system that have yet to be added.

Multi-user interface

This has come up in a rumor: that the Apple TV is capable of working with more than one Apple account . That everyone in a house can easily access their personal iCloud photo library, even if that means setting up those accounts with the Apple Family option.

Deals with television stations

One last point: people still tune in to DTT channels on their TVs, no matter how much the applications offer live streaming and an on-demand service of their programming. tvOS could extend the use of its TV application by making deals with the channels in each country, so that users do not have to leave tvOS to watch any TV channel they want.

It would be a very good way to make Apple TV the default interface we would all use, bypassing the Smart TV software. But that would take many hours of negotiation, so it’s perhaps one of the more distant possibilities.

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