What to do if an Apple TV won’t turn on: Possible causes and solutions

One of the greatest dramas we can face with electronic devices is that they stop working properly. Within this problem we find the one of a device that does not turn on, and in many occasions overnight without previous notice that something is failing. Above all, we should not panic and it is that in many occasions everything has a solution, and sometimes even simpler than we think. In this post we will focus on knowing the causes and possible solutions for an Apple TV that doesn’t turn on.

Causes of an Apple TV not turning on

Apple TV is a device that can give us great features, such as consuming multimedia content from platforms like YouTube, Netflix, or Apple TV+. We can even play on this device with the built-in controller itself or with an external controller, so the Apple Arcade platform is available here. However, all this becomes absolute nothing if the receiver does not turn on.

What to do if an Apple TV won’t turn on: Possible causes and solutions
What to do if an Apple TV won’t turn on: Possible causes and solutions

The first, and possibly most obvious, thing is to check that the Apple TV is correctly connected to the power supply . Check the end of the cable on both the Apple TV and the plug. If you use a power strip or something similar to connect different cables, it is recommended that you at least try putting it into a wall outlet to see if it might be a problem with the power strip.

One of the possible causes that may be keeping your device from turning on is more likely to be the TV you connect it to than Apple TV itself. In fact, this is a very common fault. Firstly we recommend checking that the source of the TV is on the same HDMI as the Apple device. You should also check that the TV’s connectors are not dirty or damaged . If your TV has several HDMI connectors, it is recommended that you try connecting your Apple TV to another of these connectors.

The cables are also one of the most common causes of failure to turn on an Apple TV, and that is that perhaps it is on correctly but you can’t see anything on screen because of the HDMI cable. In the end, no matter how good these cables are, they can end up breaking in a way that is not apparent to the naked eye. We therefore recommend that you try connecting the device to the TV using another cable to make sure that this is not the fault.

Another possible cause, the last one we believe may be causing a problem, is related to the connectors on Apple TV. In previous lines we commented that the ones in the TV could be accumulating dust and the same happens with the ones in the receiver. If you find that they have some trace of dust or other dirt, it is recommended that you clean them meticulously. It is recommended that you use lint-free swabs or a hard bristle brush and insert them into these connectors to clean them, but be careful not to damage them.

What if you can’t fix it?

We have seen before the common failures and that to a greater or lesser extent are within our reach to solve. However, there may be other faults that are no longer so easy to repair. Probably the fault may be residing in the internal circuitry of the device, which could be damaged by liquids or by some minimal defective component. In any case, we already recommend leaving this to professionals.

Our recommendation is to contact Apple’s technical support or any of its authorized technical services. They will be able to make a full diagnosis of your computer and will know better than anyone else how to fix it. The repair costs can vary depending on exactly what the problem is and may even be covered under warranty if your computer was recently purchased.

Have you managed to find the bug that was preventing your Apple TV from working properly? Have you fixed it? You can tell us about your experience in the comment box.

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