What time is the Apple Keynote today and how to watch it live

Eventos23 comentarios 12 septiembre 2017, 22:22 Eduardo Archanco@eaala Follow the keynote presentation of the iPhone X with us from here.

Apple has already presented its new products. Here are all the details:

What time is the Apple Keynote today and how to watch it live
What time is the Apple Keynote today and how to watch it live

Want to follow tomorrow’s iPhone X keynote live in Spanish? Then make a note in your diary of its start, because you’ll be able to watch it from any device. We’ve put together everything you need so that you only have to make popcorn. In addition, and as happened last year, we will have representation of the team in the Steve Jobs Theater.

Pedro Aznar will tell us about it live from our live follow up page from Apple’s new headquarters. After the completion, we will have the first images, videos and prints of all the new products that Apple will present.

Get ready to see the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus keynote live

Keynote time in different countries

While you prepare various snacks and the corresponding popcorn ration , you can have a look at our Apple bingo. Here are the schedules in different locations so you can get organized:

  • Peninsular Spain: 19:00.
  • Canary Islands: 18:00.
  • Mexico: 12:00.
  • Argentina: 14:00.
  • Chile: 14:00.
  • Colombia Ecuador Peru: 12:00.
  • Venezuela: 13:00.

View the keynote from a Mac, iPhone or iPad

Apple is going to broadcast live and by streaming the keynote of September 12, 2017. To watch it from your Mac, iPhone or iPad you have to access the page enabled for this purpose. Make sure you do it from Safari, as it does not work from other browsers. Once you are there, fifteen minutes after the event starts there is usually a review of the facilities.

Streaming does not start automatically and you will have to hit play to get it started. Of course, the keynote is in English and without subtitles . If you prefer to follow it in Spanish, access our live follow up so you don’t miss out on any details.

How to view the keynote from the Apple TV

What better way to see it than from the comfort of your living room ? Apple updated its event app on Apple TV a few days ago, so all you have to do is turn it on, enter the app and start watching the live show.

Again, the broadcast will be in English. For those who want to follow the news in Spanish, we invite you to our live follow up page.

View the iPhone X keynote from Windows 10 or Android

For those who do not have an iOS or Mac device at hand at the time of the event, there is still a way to see it. From Windows 10 you can use the Edge browser to access the Apple streaming page. On other occasions, VLC has been used to view the keynote from Android. But so far, the link that makes this possible has not been made public. As soon as we see it, we will update the article.

Live Apple Tracking

No sólo es una keynote: vive el evento de Apple con nosotros desde Cupertino.

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As in other years, we will perform our traditional iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus event tracking from Apple . You can save the page from this link. This year as last year, we will count in this follow up all the details first hand and in person from the Steve Jobs Theater.

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