What the Mac Pro looks like inside

After a first contact, iFixit has finally published the complete disassembly of the new Mac Pro. Something that stands out from Apple products is that they are difficult to repair by users taking really low notes but with this new desktop computer things have changed and quite a lot.

What’s remarkable about this Mac Pro is that you can easily replace most hardware components with almost no tools or at most a special Philips screwdriver. For example, the RAM can be easily replaced as you simply have to remove the Mac’s case, remove the insulators and only by pressing a few tabs you can remove one RAM and put in a new one. From Apple they published a video that shows us how easy it is to do this operation without having to take the Mac Pro to an authorized technical service.

What the Mac Pro looks like inside
What the Mac Pro looks like inside

Another component that can be easily changed is the graphics card. It is known that this equipment can include four graphics cards to give a higher performance when rendering high-resolution video in record time. As in the previous case, we will be able to update the graphics as new generations come out to avoid having to update the whole computer to keep it performing. We simply have to update this particular component as shown by Apple in a video tutorial prepared for this occasion.

One thing that has been particularly highlighted by iFixit is that even the processor can be replaced, although this is not a very easy task to perform. But it is certainly surprising that the company allows to upgrade the CPU of your computer something almost unprecedented since in the MacBook we are used to it being completely welded. This is another clear indication that Apple is going to keep this Mac Pro fully updated over time simply by buying new components.

As far as the SSD is concerned, can also be easily removed but unfortunately it is linked to the T2 security chip. This basically means that we will have to go to a SAT for a replacement of the SSD.

If we look at the bottom of the Mac we find some legs that can be replaced by wheels, but… can a user do it? From iFixit they clarify that these feet although they are difficult to remove, it can be done . You simply have to be able to find the screw you are holding that is buried deep in the slots so you need a haxagonal key.

Once analyzed, iFixit has given it a reparability score of of 9/10 , which is very high compared to other products analyzed. It should be noted that the opening procedure is extremely simple, repairs can be made by anyone with standard tools, the components are modular and use standard interfaces so that replacements are instantaneous. The downside is that SSDs are complicated to replace and it is also difficult to find some replacement parts beyond the Apple-approved repair list.

If you are curious, we recommend you go to the iFixit website to have a look at the complete disassembly of the equipment.

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