What the AppleCare Protection Plan Does and Does Not Cover

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And it’s worth knowing, because in the case of some MacBook Pro, this extended warranty can cost up to 249 euros or 4799 Mexican pesos.

What the AppleCare Protection Plan Does and Does Not Cover
What the AppleCare Protection Plan Does and Does Not Cover

In fact, many people think AppleCare is synonymous with insurance, when it’s not even close. We’re talking about a warranty extension, so you can enjoy coverage for longer. But what exactly does that extended coverage cover? There is nothing better than distinguishing between what is and is not covered by these protection plans.

If I drop my phone and my screen breaks, does AppleCare cover it?

On one syllable: no . What AppleCare does is postpone the end of your warranty until three years after your date of purchase, with the terms and conditions being the same as your country’s standard warranty. But AppleCare does not cover accidental damage, and accidental damage includes drops.

Special mention should also be made of iPhones that end up getting wet, including iPhone 7. These have some protection against water, but are not completely waterproof. And because they’re not, the phone’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage . There is also no coverage for theft: if your phone is stolen, you will have to pay for a new one or take out any theft insurance offered by the operator or any other third party company.

AppleCare covers what you get under Apple’s standard warranty, but up to two more years and with added telephone support

You might ask yourself: what does AppleCare cover then? Well, non-accidental damage such as battery defects, display graphics defects, and breakage that occurs immediately after you open the box is covered under the standard warranty, but AppleCare covers it for up to two additional years. In addition, AppleCare provides telephone service and software support .

And while we’re on the subject of software, AppleCare won’t cover damage to your Mac from malware installation either . Apple can advise you on which applications to install and what steps to take to protect your data, but it will not repair a system infected by malicious code.

What about AppleCare+?

A distinction must be made between AppleCare and AppleCare+, which is a different product that is not currently available in all countries where Apple operates. It is available in Mexico, but not in the United States. And AppleCare+ does cover you against accidental damage , but with certain limits.

The warranty will cover you for up to two accidental damages, and for each of them you will be charged $29 if the screen has been broken or $99 if another component has been damaged . Without AppleCare+ these two prices go up a lot more, so it pays off. But remember, with the third crash, AppleCare+ is useless.

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