What is the new grace period that Apple will integrate into the App Store

Apple is working on being able to provide a better experience for App Store users when they renew their subscription to an application. Until now, if the day came to renew your subscription to an app and you didn’t have any money in your current account, the features you had active with your subscription were automatically deactivated , and it was considered a failed subscription because you couldn’t pay for it that day, but this is going to change.

Although it may seem unlikely that people do not have money in their accounts to pay for a subscription, the truth is that sometimes we have a virtual wallet linked to this type of payment that we have to recharge, and if we do not remember when we have to renew this subscription we may not remember to charge the money we have to pay for this service on time either.

What is the new grace period that Apple will integrate into the App Store
What is the new grace period that Apple will integrate into the App Store

Apple doesn’t want you to lose your app subscription immediately because of this error, and that’s why it has announced through the developer website the addition of a new grace period for those users who are affected by the automatic subscription renewal without success.

With this new grace period we will have a few extra days of use of this subscription even if the automatic renewal has failed. Within this grace period we’ll be able to use the functions provided by the subscription in one application while we resolve the payment issue so that we don’t immediately run out of the subscription in case it’s very necessary in our day to day life. Specifically, Apple explains it in the following way:

The billing grace period allows subscribers whose automatic renewal failed due to a payment issue to continue to access paid content on their application for a period of time while Apple continues to attempt to collect payment. There will be no interruption in subscriber paid service days or revenue if Apple is able to recover the subscription within the grace period of your subscription product. If the billing grace period is not enabled, paid service days will not be paid until Apple is able to collect payment.

The grace period will vary depending on the length of the subscription, ranging from 6 to 16 days. In the following table we can see the details of the grace period:

It is up to the developers to enable or disable this grace period. The truth is that they are quite interested in it because they help the subscriber of their application and they would not see their income stopped in this period in which Apple has not been able to collect the subscription from the users.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this new feature that developers will be able to activate in their apps.

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