What happens when my iCloud subscription expires?

Every day that passes, many users realize that they need more and more space in iCloud.com, however, there are times that we will not always be able to maintain a service like this, so today we ask ourselves, what happens when an iCloud subscription expires? Do we lose our data if our required space is bigger than the free space? Can we do something about it? We explain everything below.

iCloud and its free storage are often small

Applications, photos, videos, documents, etc . As I said before, more and more space is needed in the clouds, that’s why many users decide to pay for their storage programs as the 5 GB free offered by Apple becomes small over time.

What happens when my iCloud subscription expires?
What happens when my iCloud subscription expires?

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For many users the free 5 GB iCloud is not even good for backing up our iPhone, iPad or other Cupertino products . That’s why many users decide to check out and pay a monthly fee to increase the limit of our accounts. But it is not always increased, there are times when the opposite happens and we want to pay less or simply return to the free capacity of iCloud, what happens in these cases?

Be careful because there is no single consequence

Before I explain the consequences of reducing your storage for another one that doesn’t cover your iCloud space, I’d rather give you a warning. Optimize your space as much as possible because you can save some money and save only the most important things.

This means that whenever you can (as long as you have space to spare), I recommend that you reduce your plan (saving money is always good). However, if you have more space occupied than you want to hire, you will have some important problems that will come up one after another.

First of all, both iOS and macOS will be warning us repeatedly that we need to increase our iCloud storage or simply delete data that has free space in it.

iCloud administration panel

If we do not meet the first requirement, it will be the turn of the Photos . In this case, iCloud will stop uploading your photos to the Photo Library (in case you have this function activated). It will automatically stop synchronizing your photos with each of our devices.

When you’ve had your share of bad photos, it’s time for backups and email. In this case, iCloud will stop making backups on your iOS devices , and all those email accounts with the ending @icloud.com or @me.com you have will stop working immediately.

The final step involves iCloud Drive and applications. Apple will not allow you to sync your devices with iCloud Drive and all those apps that sync data with your iCloud account will not work.

Some tips to take care of the free space in the cloud

For all the above reasons it is essential to reduce space only when we are one hundred percent sure that our space occupation is less than the space contracted. In other words, there should always be free space left over to avoid these headaches that Apple can cause us.

Manage space in iCloud

If you can’t afford to pay for more space, I recommend following a few guidelines with your Apple devices. remove older backups that are still stored in the cloud, delete photos and videos that are not important within the iCloud Drive, and restrict backups from third-party applications such as WhatsApp.

Remember that you can also store backups in iTunes . This way you can save space in iCloud without losing the information on your device. Use the memory of your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac instead of uploading your photos or videos to the Apple cloud, or use third-party applications such as Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive that allow slightly more extensive free storage.

Let’s remember that Apple’s services section was one of the big stars this week. It is a section that in the last presentation of accounts experienced a considerable improvement seeing the development of the same.

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