Welcome home, Apple’s new HomePod commercial

The new Apple commercial on the HomePod ,will surprise you pleasantly. Again, they are not selling us the product, they are selling us an experience.

This is one of the longest videos on Apple’s YouTube channel, reaching 4 minutes in length.

Welcome home, Apple’s new HomePod commercial
Welcome home, Apple’s new HomePod commercial

In this case, they show us how after a hard day’s work, coming home can be comforting thanks to music, but above all thanks to the artificial intelligence of Siri integrated into the HomePod.


A girl has a not very nice day, she looks tired, not wanting anything. Just wanting to get home, have a drink and maybe lie down to get through the day quickly. That’s where Siri and the HomePod come in.

The moment he asks Siri to put on some music, the magic begins. Yes, because Siri starts to play a song in which the mood of our protagonist increases and she puts aside the problems for a short period of time.

All this while the house is adapting to the movements of the dance, making some really amazing special effects . All of this directed by Spike Jonze and starring the British singer and dancer FKA twigs.

Despite its length (4 minutes), we will surely see a reduced version of 1 minute on TV, where it will be broadcast in prime time. Undoubtedly, a good way to promote the HomePod, selling sensations thanks to technology, not just focusing on a product itself.

Please note that the HomePod is not yet available in Spain. There is talk that in the spring it will be marketed in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, so we will have to wait until it arrives in our country.


What did you think of this new Apple commercial? Would you buy this smart speaker when it becomes available?

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