We spoke to Leo Nascimiento, Director of Deezer Spain

Today the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ended, and taking advantage of our visit to the event we had the opportunity to talk to the Director of the Spanish Division of Deezer Leo Nascimiento . Deezer is one of Spotify’s most important competitors, offering streaming subscriptions to all iOS users in over 180 countries. Let’s see what Leo has to say about the timeliness of his service and his relationship with the Bite Apple terminals and services.

Apple : Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Leo. Can you tell us about Deezer’s current status? You’re already in a lot of countries, something the competition can’t boast about.

We spoke to Leo Nascimiento, Director of Deezer Spain
We spoke to Leo Nascimiento, Director of Deezer Spain

Leo : Yes, we are in over 180 countries, while Spotify is only in 20.

Apple : What is the secret of this huge expansion?

Leo : We have a different working model than Spotify. Its business mode involves losses, because in the end it ends up being unsustainable. Our business model has a why, a deadline and a challenge that we want to achieve. We came out a little later than other services but we have managed to consolidate the business in France, where we have now grown a lot.

We wanted to think about it and structure everything well, and now that we have laid the foundations we are moving forward strongly. And growth allows us to have a financial lung to expand to other countries.

Apple : You recently commented in an interview with Genbeta that you focus on offering all music on a global scale, avoiding selective territorial distribution. There are some famous bands that are reluctant to enter the streaming music business: Queen, ACDC that has recently entered… Are you working with them to make them take the plunge?

Leo : We want to offer as many songs as possible to as many users as possible, but we also want to respect copyright. At Deezer, we’re opening our doors to them, and little by little more groups are deciding to enter at least iTunes. Recently, for example, we saw Metallica entering Spotify.

Apple : Focusing a bit more on the iOS and Apple landscape, how do you feel about using Deezer on this platform? Do you have any figures for activity in Spain?

“We started with the iOS applications, but we want to be everywhere” Leo : I can tell you that we arrived in Spain in September 2012 and we are very happy with the adoption we are having. The Spanish market is maturing, users finally realize that there is a variety of services and ways to listen to music.

Apple : The streaming music model you use competes with what Apple does and its iTunes Match, which insists that users buy and own their songs. But there are already rumours that Google may move to streaming, suggesting that something may be changing. How do you see Apple defending this very different music model?

“Trabajamos en un nuevo modelo donde cobramos poco de muchos”, Leo Nascimiento, de Deezer

Leo : I think the user experience that Apple offers is very limited from the point of view that you only hear what you know. At Deezer, we want to encourage the discovery of new songs for the user. The range is much greater with our twenty million songs available directly, and you can discover new bands every week.

As for Google switching to streaming, the more competition the better. But Google doesn’t specialize in this business, so you’ll have to be careful. I still remember the launch of Google Plus and everyone saying it was the end of Facebook, but in the end Google’s social network didn’t work.

Apple : You are also in the television, a market that points very interesting for this year. Rumors indicate that Apple has plans for that market, with Tim Cook saying it’s no longer a “hobby”. Do you have the will to integrate with these alleged Apple plans? Maybe an official application for Apple TV if the company makes it possible?

Leo : Of course. I don’t see any problem with Deezer being on a platform like that.

Apple : What about iWatch? Would Deezer fit in there?

Leo : I imagine someone using a clock as an iPod, Deezer can also have a place there.

Apple : Let’s talk about future plans that aren’t based on rumours. What can you tell me about what you have in mind for Deezer on Apple devices? You don’t have a native application for OS X, do you?

Leo : No, but on computers you can use Deezer via a website. But we are going to restructure all the applications and we are working on a new look&feel much more attractive for their interfaces. It will be much more visual and comfortable.

Apple : Here Spotify is pushing hard, it has recently revamped its iPhone interface…

Leo : Yes. In this market, you either run, or you’ve lost.

Apple : How would you convince, in one or two sentences, a user who is choosing a music service to opt for Deezer?

Leo : I would tell you to choose us for our musical discovery functions and for the wide penetration we have in many countries. If you are a curious person who likes to listen to new things, Deezer is your tool.

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