We show you how to make Wi-Fi calls with your iPhone

Today we’re going to learn more about Wi-Fi calling, an add-on offered by some Apple products that has proven to be extremely useful . What we need to make these types of calls is a compatible terminal, a recent version of iOS, and an operator that offers the service. The list of these at a global level is very large, although within Spain is currently the only operator that offers this service.

For the iPhone it is available from model 5c onwards and with an iOS version higher than 9.2.

Making Wi-Fi calls from your iPhone

We show you how to make Wi-Fi calls with your iPhone
We show you how to make Wi-Fi calls with your iPhone

Activating this type of call is very simple. To do this, follow the route Settings>Phone>Wi-Fi calls . Once done, the word Wi-Fi will appear behind the name of the operator, in the status bar . From then on, calls will be made via this system. Simple, isn’t it? The good thing about this type of call is that your caller doesn’t have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to use the service.

Doing a little break on this Wi-Fi calling thing, I love the configurability of an Apple device from Settings. A universe in front of you.

The verdict

To say that I am an active user of this service and at the moment the satisfaction is high. Being available in places with little or no coverage as long as there is a Wi-Fi network to connect to provides a sense of peace of mind I can think of many situations in which you can check how the service works. One can be the typical rural hotel with little or no coverage, but with a powerful Wi-Fi. Another could be a house with a basement where the phone signal is bad, but it has a wireless network installed.

The good thing about this is that as users we don’t have to do anything but activate the Wi-Fi calls from the settings, so there is no need to install any additional applications of any kind . Don’t expect to have an uninterrupted communication if you have several simultaneous downloads at the same time.

Once again we invite you to follow the hottest content that our team prepares for you. Do you use Wi-Fi calls? Leave it in comments.

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