watchOS 4 turns the Apple Watch into an original iPod, a step back

The update of watchOS 4 has brought many really interesting improvements, but it has also removed others that we’re going to miss a lot, such as viewing our music library from the Apple Watch, now we’ll have to turn to our iPhone.

The new measure that Apple has adopted in watchOS 4 has not liked much to users, where they are recriminated this action as a step backwards in the evolution of the operating system of Apple’s smart clock.

watchOS 4 turns the Apple Watch into an original iPod, a step back
watchOS 4 turns the Apple Watch into an original iPod, a step back

The only way we can access our music library is by transferring it from the iPhone, with a limitation of 2 GB , but this is not the only restriction we find to enjoy our music on the Apple Watch with our Bluetooth headset.

In the previous version of WatchOS, we could view our Music Charts or our songs directly from the Apple Watch. With a few simple gestures, we had our music library on our wrist.

Now, if we want to see our songs, we have to go to the iPhone, go to the “Watch” application and there select the songs we want to transfer, as well as the lists. The thing does not end there, to be able to synchronize the songs, we need the Apple Watch to be connected to the power.

That is, if we are preparing to practice sport or simply to take a walk with our dog, we will have to save a few minutes to synchronize our music to the Apple Watch, of course, connected to the current. One step back, back to the original iPod.

According to Apple at its last event, it wanted a world without wires. Something that doesn’t clash enough with the output of the watchOS 4 , where it does the opposite. One solution would be the compatibility of Apple Music and iTunes Mach, but this feature is not yet available (expected in autumn this year), as well as having to hire new services.

How do you feel about Apple removing the function of browsing your music from the Apple Watch? Is it a step backwards to have to use the cable to sync our songs?

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