Using WhatsApp Status on the iPhone

Just yesterday WhatsApp gave the green light to its new Snapchat-style version of the states . This renewal of the written states has meant a new dynamic for the app, as well as a new tab in our WhatsApp application.

If you’ve reached this article, it’s probably because the new WhatsApp functionality has appeared on your screen and you’re not quite sure how to proceed. Don’t worry, iPadizate will tell you everything you need to know about WhatsApp’s status.

Say goodbye to your philosophical state

Using WhatsApp Status on the iPhone
Using WhatsApp Status on the iPhone

With the inclusion of the new states, the text states that the app incorporated in its beginnings have disappeared, so don’t look any further.

Don’t forget that you can always be philosophical through videos, photos or GIFs in the new states , but beware, they will only last 24h. Don’t see this as a negative thing, now our states will be more in line with the meaning of the word state – worth the redundancy.

States more states than ever

If you have opened WhatsApp and come across the States tab simply click on the add button to start exploring this function . The camera will open and you will see different buttons at the bottom of the screen. The first one on the left will open the gallery, so you can choose a photo, video or GIF you already have. On the right, you will see a camera icon. If you press it, the camera will be changed (from front to back or vice versa).

The central button will capture an image or video , depending on how you press it. The capture is done with a short press, and the video will have the same duration as your finger was on the button.

How do I make a statement?

If you click on the States tab and hit the top right button, or if you click on the camera tab, you can take your first state. From the Status tab you can also see the statuses that other contacts have shared with you.

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