Using Split View in Safari with iPad Pro on iOS 12

Los vídeos PiP de la multitarea de iOS 12 tienen las esquinas redondeadas

Cómo usar Split View en Safari con iOS 12

Abrir y visualizar dos páginas web en Safari es, queridos Especially, of course, on the iPad. If you have an iPad model that supports Slide Over, Split View, and Picture-in-Picture , you’ll know that multitasking gives users great versatility in performing all kinds of actions.

Using Split View in Safari with iPad Pro on iOS 12
Using Split View in Safari with iPad Pro on iOS 12

Thanks to the multitasking features of iOS 12 we can check our email while reading news, chat with friends while checking out the latest Twitter trends, and even play our favorite Netflix shows while surfing the web in Safari.

By now, if you have an iPad, you’ve probably tried some of the iOS 12 multitasking features. But did you know you can also multitask inside Safari? It’s possible to split the Safari app into two parts to interact with two tabs or two web pages at once . In this tutorial we’ll explain how to do it.

You may be interested in the readers, extremely convenient. Not only can we see two different sources of information at the same time, but we can also interact with them. You can, at any time, slide your finger over the two web pages to explore their content.

Follow these steps to use Split View in Safari to split the screen into two parts:

1. Open Safari.

2. Go to a first web page.

3. Press and hold the tab button in the upper right corner.

4. Click on the option “Open Split View” (see image).

5. In the new divided section, you access a second web page.

For example, from a keyboard you can press CMD + N , and you can even drag an open Safari tab to either side of iPad to do so. Here’s how:

1. Open Safari.

2. Open two tabs.

3. Hold your finger down on an eyelash.

4. Drag the tab to the left or right side of the iPad (center area).

Important: Unfortunately, the split screen functionality of Safari does NOT work when you are already using Split View with another application.

How to open links in Split View mode

Speaking of methods to activate Split View, you can also choose to open a link to this multitasking functionality to access a web page in the other section of the split screen.

1. Open Safari.

2. Go to any website.

3. Keep your finger pressed on a link.

4. Select the option “Open in Split View”.

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Cómo cerrar el modo Split View de Safari con iPad Pro en iOS 12

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In addition, once the function is activated, you can open links on the opposite side of Split View using this same method.

Moving a tab back and forth in Split View

In the same way that we can move a tab to the side to activate Split View, we can also drag a tab from one side to another to change it to the other side of the split screen. That’s how it’s done:

1. Open Safari.

2. Activate Split View.

3. Keep your finger pressed on an eyelash.

4. Slide your finger and drag the tab to the opposite section of Split View.

You may be interested in or merge your tabs in Split View. Follow the steps below to turn off Split View on your iPad.

Method 1:

1. Click on the tab button in the upper right corner.

2. Close all open tabs in a Split View section.

Method 2:

1. Press the tab button in the top right corner of Safari.

2. Select the options “Close X tabs” or “Merge all tabs”.

How to open a third web page with Slide Over

Did you think it all ended here? No, no, not at all! Additionally, the iOS 12 multitasking will also allow you to open and interact with a third web page – Triple Split View!

1. Open Safari.

2. Activate Split View by following the instructions in this tutorial.

3. Slide your finger from the bottom of your iPad to activate the Dock.

4. Hold your finger on Google Chrome (or any other web browsing app that supports multitasking) and drag the app to any position in the center of your tablet to activate Slide Over.

Tachannnn…! Looks like magic, doesn’t it? As you can see in the image below, we already have three different fully operational web pages open and we can interact with them at all times without closing or minimizing any apps.

We hope this tutorial has helped you and we encourage you to participate in the feedback section if you have any questions. What do you usually use iOS 12 multitasking for? Do you think Apple should improve these features in any way?

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