Using iOS 10 Multitasking with Safari on iPad

Cómo cerrar todas las pestañas de Safari en iOS 10

Una de las diferencias más reseñables entre la función Split View y la multitarea de Safari reside en que no podrás mover la línea divisoria de las dos ventanas de Safari , mientras que habitualmente con Split View se puede colocar en tres posiciones: izquierda, centro y derecha.

Using iOS 10 Multitasking with Safari on iPad
Using iOS 10 Multitasking with Safari on iPad

Apple’s new operating system, iOS 10, hides some very interesting secret functions.

For example, it is now possible in Safari to open two windows at the same time as in the Split View function of iOS 10 multitasking, and to browse two web pages at the same time , a much anticipated and requested innovation by iOS users.

This great feature of iOS 10 is similar to the Split View function in iOS 9 multitasking, however, it has some noteworthy differences…

Here’s how to use this new iOS 10 feature with Safari on the iPad.

Using Split View with Safari on iOS 10

1. Set your iPad to landscape mode.

2. Opens the Apple Safari web browser application.

3. Use one of the following methods to activate Split View:

  • Press and hold your finger on a link and select “Open in Split View”.
  • Use the “Command+N” combination with the Apple Magic Keyboard.
  • Drag a tab to the left or right side of the iPad screen.
  • Press and hold your finger on a tab and select the “Open in Split View” option.

Video tutorial

The guys at 9to5mac have posted a helpful tutorial on YouTube so you can see how Safari multitasking works on iOS 10 . It’s super helpful! And some of the methods for enabling the Split View function are pretty cool:

As you can see in the video, each Safari window contains its own address bar, tabbed interface, and action buttons . It’s basically as if you’re opening two Safari applications at the same time.

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