Use your iPhone as a thermographic camera with Seek Thermal

We already know the improvements in the camera section of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and we saw that we had a great camera with great qualities but there may be those who still want to take more advantage of it from extra features. To this end, several companies have created accessories that are suitable for the iPhone and we have obtained a hyper-vitaminized camera .

From Seek Thermal will give us the option to transform our iPhone into a thermal camera. Seek Thermal is an accessory that is assembled through the Lightning connector and has a real thermal sensor whose use is exploited by our terminal to display a luminous image that is created through the capture of infrared rays that are given off by bodies or objects.

Use your iPhone as a thermographic camera with Seek Thermal
Use your iPhone as a thermographic camera with Seek Thermal

It may sound like spying, but the company itself is in charge of clarifying the different uses for which we may be interested in acquiring the product:

  • Security and surveillance: scan the place where you parked in a dark garage before getting into the car or scan the garden before leaving if noises are heard.
  • Home Improvements: identify leaking or poorly insulated windows or doors in the house, locate the point where a pipe has become blocked, etc.
  • For your pet’s safety: scan the garden for predators before leaving your dog or cat free.
  • Cooking: measuring the heat distribution in your barbecue or grill or the surface temperature of cooked food.
  • Navigation: locating objects in the open sea, which can be useful for both fishing and life-saving purposes.

In terms of compatibility you’ll be happy to know that this Seek Thermal is available from iPhone 5 onwards, including the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In the case of the iPad the oldest model that supports this accessory is the 4th generation iPad.

For all photography enthusiasts or fans of this type of gadgets may be the most interesting is the price and is that although a priori $ 199 seem a considerable amount must be taken into account that the amount to pay for a camera in the current market can amount to 4 figures.

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