USB Disk and File Transfer, Use your iPad as a Pendrive

USB Disk and File Transfer, a very practical App

With Apple devices we always find the small barrier of iTunes to transfer files and sometimes it costs a little bit to transfer them to our iPad or iPhone. With the USB Disk application you won’t have any problem because you can manage a lot of different file formats and transfer them between your devices. The app also offers great facilities, such as transferring files between your computer and your iPad or iPhone.

USB disk also allows you to compress and decompress ZIP and RAR files , even if they are split up or password protected. The application also allows you to view almost all popular files, including PDF’s, images, videos, music, etc. A wide range of possibilities in a single application.

The USB Disk and File Transfer App plays a multitude of video and audio formats

USB Disk and File Transfer, Use your iPad as a Pendrive
USB Disk and File Transfer, Use your iPad as a Pendrive

USB disk allows you to transfer files between your devices and your computer in several different ways, but without doubt the simplest way is simply to connect them all to the same WiFi network, easily and quickly. You can also connect them via Bluetooth or even access shared network files (SMB). From other native applications on your iPad, you can also open or send files directly to the application and store them in the app.

USB Disk and File Transfer also has support for major storage accounts such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive . Of course, in addition to transferring files you can also transport them as if they were a ‘pendrive’. The application is a fantastic file manager. You can record a multitude of formats, including audio and video files as used as MKV, MPG, AVI, etc. In addition you can create folders, rename files, copy them, move them and a long list of other possibilities. You can also compress files by selecting all of them and saving them in a ZIP, as well as unzip both RAR and ZIP files.

USB Disk and File Transfer is a very complete application and in addition to managing files you can also play and view them. Support for many video, audio, text formats, etc. In addition, its powerful video player allows you to select from audio tracks and choose the subtitles you have previously saved in SRT format .

We have tried USB Disk and File Transfer on an iPad 2 and we love:

Disco USB is a fantastic application for iPad and iPhone created in Spain and in which you will find all its texts and menus in Spanish. Not only can we manage the files and transfer them but we can also play them. The possibilities are very large and the application’s interface is very simple, you also have an extensive help menu completely in Spanish that you can consult at any time.

It’s very surprising how well you can handle audio files, modify track data or even add your favorite album covers . You can also create playlists and listen to them in the background while still working with the app. Download this great universal app for iPad and iPhone now and be amazed at how easy it is to use – it doesn’t disappoint!

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