Unclutter’s your drawer for the Mac. App of the week

Is your desktop a mess, a mess of folders and files everywhere? Have you ever copied a long text and then copied something else and lost the previous one? Have you ever missed being able to take notes quickly and not finding a place to do it? With Unclutter for macOS you have an app that does all this and saves it in one place. That’s why it’s become our app of the week .

A multi-purpose drawer

Unclutter is an app that creates a drawer to save you time and steps while working . Its operation is very simple once it is installed and opened: you move the mouse over the menu bar and scroll down. When you do so, a menu will be displayed with three “drawers” that save your clipboard history, files you have chosen and notes.

Unclutter’s your drawer for the Mac. App of the week
Unclutter’s your drawer for the Mac. App of the week

You can customize and replace this gesture with a keyboard shortcut if that’s your thing. To do this, go to the Unclutter preferences and change the way this utility box appears. From there you can also choose which utilities appear or not. Keep in mind that you can call this app from anywhere on your Mac, regardless of whether you have full-screen apps, which gives it extra functionality as you work.

A clipboard, file cabinet and notepad in one

Without a doubt, the star of Unclutter for me has been the clipboard . I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve copied something important (a form text, a complicated password or a link) and then copied something less important again. As a result, the first item you copied is deleted forever.

Unclutter has a history of your clipboard with a limit of up to 50 items , more than enough to have all the immediate things you have copied throughout the day. In this sense, Unclutter is not the first utility to offer this function, but it does allow you to mark the most recent ones as a favorite and even modify them. This feature alone makes this app worthwhile.

Unclutter is a go-between for your clipboard clippings, frequently used files and important annotations

The filing cabinet is a halfway point for your most used files and documents. With Dropbox integration, this functionality will allow you to clean your desktop and eliminate the chaos that reigns there (in my case, I try to keep it always at zero ). Just drag any folder or file upwards and Unclutter will unfold and you can save it there.

Clicking on a folder will open it in the Finder. While pressing the space bar will open a preview of the file. Very useful when you want to see what it contains. You can drag images from your browser to Files and even delete them with cmd + delete.

App de la Semana.

Finally, we have the notebook. I confess that I am too used to the MacOS notes and their integration with iOS, so it is the function I have used the least in my tests. It allows you to create notes there directly, search through them and copy the text to work with it in another app, which shortens some steps if you do it from any other app. Again, the fact that Unclutter overlays the apps in full screen is a big plus.

The app costs ?10.99 on the Mac App Store, but if you have any questions and would like to try it out, you can go to the developer’s website to use it for 30 days free of charge.

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