Two new Pokémon games for iPhone hit the App Store

Pokémon had an event this morning and two new iPhone games from the well-known franchise were unveiled: Pokémon Café Mix and Pokémon Smile . The first is a puzzle game in which players must run a café dedicated to serving delicious dishes to Pokémon. The second is designed for the youngest members of the household, and will try to transform brushing teeth into a fun and exciting adventure.

Pokémon Café Mix can now be booked on the App Store and is scheduled for release on June 25th. Meanwhile, Pokémon Smile is now available for download from the App Store. Both games are completely free, although the first game has purchases within the application.

Two new Pokémon games for iPhone hit the App Store
Two new Pokémon games for iPhone hit the App Store

Each of these games is designed for a specific audience , while one wants to have fun while running a cafe and solving puzzles, the other wants to help and teach children to brush their teeth properly.

Pokémon Café Mix

Pokémon Café Mix is a puzzle game in which players must run a cafeteria dedicated to serving delicious dishes to different Pokémon . Form chains with the Pokémon tiles to complete the puzzles and prepare delicious recipes to serve to your Pokémon customers. As you play, you’ll create a lively café that will be visited by many Pokémon customers.

Pokémon Café Mix will delight everyone who’s been waiting for a new Pokémon puzzle game. On 25th June it will be available for Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android devices , but you can book it now. The ‘Nico you need is an Apple device compatible with iOS 12 or later.

Pokémon Smile

As we mentioned, this is an educational game for children to learn how to brush their teeth correctly . The aim is to defeat the evil bacteria that cause cavities and rescue Pokémon in distress with the help of some of your favourite Pokémon. Brush your teeth regularly to try and capture all the Pokémon you rescue.

Pokémon Smile has its own Pokédex with more than 100 adorable Pokémon, to get them children must brush their teeth properly . To do this, they use the iPhone’s camera, which shows them bacteria and a guide to show them where to brush. If they do it correctly and for the right amount of time, they’ll get the Pokémon that appears on the screen. You can also control certain settings, such as brushing time or set reminders at certain times. Pokemon Smile is compatible with devices with iOS 11 or later.

These are two interesting Pokémon games that are coming to our mobile devices, showing once again that the company’s plans are still to promote this type of platform . We will see if in the future appears a Pokémon game for iPhone more similar to the classics, without any doubt it would triumph as Pokémon GO did in its time.

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