TweetDeck is updated with dark mode and more news

Twitter decided to formally leave the Mac App Store by withdrawing its application and i nstalling users to use the web version of the partner network l. In order to replace the official Twitter application we still had the TweetDeck Store which had not received a major update for a long time. A few hours ago they finally released a much desired update to version 3.10 incorporating the Mojave macOS dark mode support , integrating perfectly with the rest of the operating system.

Without a doubt TweetDeck is a great application if you use Twitter intensively and especially if you have several accounts. This is because TweetDeck is characterized by allowing us to have several columns at once for example private messages, mentions, homepage… all in one glance.

TweetDeck is updated with dark mode and more news
TweetDeck is updated with dark mode and more news

In addition to this obscure mode, many internal errors that caused a bad experience for users were also resolved, incorporating a feedback system so that users can quickly report any bugs they detect. This will try to solve future problems much faster.

Specifically, the new features we see in this version 3.10 are the following:

  • Updated to support Mojave macOS, including dark mode. You can also set a custom theme that does not match the system configuration.
  • Rebuilding TweetDeck for Mac with the goal of fixing many bugs and including bug reports, so we can fix bugs faster in the future.
  • The help page has been updated to incorporate the correct version.
  • Many other internal improvements.

Many of us thought this application was dead as it had not been updated for many months. With this news we are convinced that the developers will continue working on this alternative as Twitter clients on our desktop.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this new update, do you use TweetDeck in your daily life? Remember you can download it from the Mac App Store here.

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