Turn Your iPhone into the Best Weather Station with These Apps

Today, thanks to the internet, we have become accustomed to being able to access all kinds of information immediately and from wherever we are. From knowing the location of a device we have lost or stolen, to exactly where your favorite restaurant is.

And the arrival of smartphones in our lives has only made certain tasks easier in an incredible way. But among all the information we can find surfing the web, and through certain applications, there are more and more users who are looking for a good application to know the weather forecast of their city.

Turn Your iPhone into the Best Weather Station with These Apps
Turn Your iPhone into the Best Weather Station with These Apps

That’s why today we want to talk to you about three applications for our iPhone that are available for free in the App Store. Will you join us?

Three applications of time worth trying

The Weather Channel

This app, which for many is the preferred one, offers very complete weather information in an interface that is quite simple for users to understand. In it we can find information about possible weather changes that may occur during the next 15 minutes, every hour and during the next week.

But in addition to that, The Weather Channel gives us the possibility to know other details such as the wind speed, the humidity in the environment and the UV index from the sun . Thanks to the satellite maps included in this incredible app, we can see detailed information about possible storms that may reach the area in which we are, we can customize warnings about the weather situation or search and save other locations that are of interest.

The Weather Channel is available on the App Store for free.

Yahoo Weather

In the Yahoo Weather proposal, we will find an application that is elegant, precise and somewhat peculiar in certain aspects . We will be able to access information about the current temperature of our location, the percentage of cloudiness, wind speed and the possibility of rain that may exist.

In addition, to have a more graphic view, we will be able to access an interactive map that will show us, in more detail, the places where there is cloudiness. The interesting thing about this application is that the images on which we’ll see the information superimposed are photographs taken by Flickr users near our location.

In Yahoo Weather we found a quite interesting option, with a very careful design and very good details , when it comes to check the weather of our town or a city we are about to visit. Best of all, we can download it for free on our iPhone from the App Store. What are you waiting for?

Live time

In this app we can see one of the most attractive options, in terms of design, that we can find in the App Store. And is that the application of Live Weather, offers a very careful aspect, with animated images of the different atmospheric conditions that we can find ourselves and many details that we will be able to personalize to see only what interests us at every moment.

On the other hand, as it could not be otherwise, the application will show us the weather information for the next 7 days, the wind chill and the wind speed and direction among other data . In addition, the application is very easy to use and allows users to switch between cities in a very simple way, which is to be welcomed.

So if you want to enjoy this fantastic application, just look for it in the App Store and download it for free on your iPhone.

Time at our fingertips

As you can see, there are very good options that allow us to be informed of the weather conditions of our city and other locations from our iPhone. Of course, there are many more options that will help us to carry out this type of consultation and we are sure that many of you will have your favourite one, but at iPadizate we have thought that these three options are attractive enough to give you a chance and make room for them on our smartphone .

What do you think about these applications to check the weather on your iPhone? Do you have any preference among them or do you know any other?

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