TruSloMo, slow motion videos on social networks

TruSloMo (Gratis)

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TruSloMo, slow motion videos on social networks
TruSloMo, slow motion videos on social networks

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A few weeks ago, I told you about NFB StopMo Studio, an application to make movies in stop motion with our iPad. Well, we all know that with the iPhone 5s we have the possibility to record slow motion video ( slow motion ) at 120 fps, but we have a small problem and that is that the native application of Apple, only lets us perform that effect once during the whole video and when sharing it by Whatsapp or Instagram, the video appears normal, at 30 fps, without applying the effect since these applications are not capable of managing videos recorded at 120 fps .

For that we have TruSloMo . A very simple application to use, since we will only have to choose a video from our reel, recorded in slow motion and it will take care of making it compatible with those applications that nowadays, are the most used by all of us.

What it will do is, convert our normal video to 120 frames per second, applying the desired effect slow motion , without any loss of quality and so we can share it without any problem. In addition we will be able to add, in the same video, several slow motion effects , since in the native application it only allows us one.

This application is free, but we only have the option to choose the moment the effect starts, but not the end. To be able to choose the end where we want and also add more than one slow motion effect throughout the same video, we have to update the application, making it Pro through a purchase in-app .

Now we can share our video creations with slow motion on social networks without any problem . For those of you who use the video recording application a lot, I think it’s very interesting, as the videos look very spectacular. It’s available on the App Store for free for iPhone and iPad with iOS 7 or higher and you can turn it into Pro with a purchase in-app for 0.89 euros.

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