Top 10 iOS Games of 2014 and 10 others you shouldn’t miss

Apple has already chosen its best of the year and we don’t want to be less. That’s why today we bring you a compilation with the 10 best iOS games of 2014 and other 10 that, despite not having a place in that main list, are also worth it .

However, the lists are always complicated, a mixture of personal tastes and limited experience (as it is almost impossible to test everything that is released on the AppStore), so before any of them goes to your head we invite you to offer us your list with the 10 best games in the comments. Who knows, we may even end up knowing a gem that has eluded us during 2014.

10. Frederic – Evil Strikes Back

Top 10 iOS Games of 2014 and 10 others you shouldn’t miss
Top 10 iOS Games of 2014 and 10 others you shouldn’t miss

I already mentioned that the first Frederic game was one of the best games I had tested exclusively for iOS , and the second part hasn’t disappointed me either. The selection of themes may not be as accurate as in the first installment, but there are undoubtedly few games in the AppStore that will take us on a challenge like the one proposed once again by the guys at Forever Entertainment with Frederic – Evil Strikes Back (free).

9. Dragon Quest VIII

Fans of an RPG saga always have their preferences, and if not ask Final Fantasy. With Dragon Quest (11,99 euros) it’s exactly the same, but it’s thanks to the mime with which this edition for iOS of their eighth adventure has been faced, wanting to go further instead of limiting themselves to a crappy port that sells only by name, which places it at the ninth place on our list.

8. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

I’m not going to get into the debate about whether the game or the experience should prevail more to talk about Valiant Hearts: The Great War (?4.49, analysis). I just think it’s a formidable adventure with a desire to tell a story as raw as it is necessary to bring us closer to the other side of the war. It could have been done in a thousand different ways, of course, but the one we are dealing with has the same merit and all the strength it needs to touch us.

7. Vainglory

We could spend all day listing games for iOS devices that fail to replicate the success formula of other platforms, but the list of those that can adapt perfectly is much shorter. Vainglory (free) would enter it thanks to the dedication of its creators when trying to give life to a MOBA as accessible as it is fun and also to do it with the challenge of the touch screen in the middle.

6. FTL

The worst thing that can be said about FTL (8.99 euros) is how long it took to get to iOS, but was already a big game on PC and Mac and still is now. Space opera lovers will have to use their imagination to see if the Romulan and the Wookiee will come to life, but everything that is not scripted is compensated for by mechanics that are addictive enough so that your dead time will never be the same again.

5. Banner Saga

Banner Saga (?4.49) is like returning to the era of the Lord of the Rings animated film but without having to deal with the scenes of the orcs. A game with magnificent art direction and a challenge at the level of the strategists most committed to their troops. Those who go crazy will probably enjoy it anyway, but will lose half an army along the way.

4. Papers, Please

Another one that has taken its time to make the leap to iOS but has shown that it is better to play on an iPad is Papers, Please (6.99 euros), the immigration inspector simulator that will put us in the difficult position of deciding the future of Arstotzka, its citizens and that of our family, forcing us to be cruel and unscrupulous beings . Perhaps I have painted it too black, so, yes, there is also room for a few laughs.

3. Monument Valley

Opening the top 3 of 2014 we find Monument Valley (3,59 euros, analysis), one of the most beautiful and surprising experiences that I have had the chance to try this year, not only in iOS, but in all platforms in general. It’s a pity that as a challenge it doesn’t live up to its artistic design, but even though we have our ups and downs between us, it would be crazy not to recommend it with all my strength.

2. Threes!

Threes! (1.79 euros) enters here as my top game for iOS, but my love for this game goes as far as its inclusion in my overall top 5, competing one-on-one with triple-A titles on consoles and PCs. The reason? The mime that brought this simple and addictive puzzle to life in a mix where both art direction and sound create the perfect scenario. Maybe that’s why I’m so angry with the titles that have tried to take advantage of the formula, because Threes! proved once again that it’s not enough to be entertaining, you need something else to achieve excellence.

1. Hearthstone

At the top of our 2014 top 10 is, of course, the game I’ve spent the most hours on this year: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (free). But if it’s here it’s not simply a matter of taste, but to show that there’s another way for free-to-players out there, that you can be fair to the user without having to clip their wings, and also turn that shy first game against the machine into an addiction to their multiplayer. I wish all free-to-play was the same as Hearthstone.

10 other games you shouldn’t miss either

I’ve devoured a huge amount of games over the last 12 months and there wasn’t room for all of them on our top list, so I thought I’d pay tribute to those who have had me hooked for several days , an entire afternoon or simply continue to install them on my iPhone with a view to recovering them sooner rather than later.

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Those of you who are looking for a good story , something more than a mobile game, should give a chance to two jewels like 80 Days (4,49 euros) and Republique (2,69 euros). We’ve already talked about the first one at length, and we’ve had the second one on offer more than once. Both are equally recommended for trying to go a little further in the way of telling stories and for us to play them.

Two of the games that do the latter especially well, adapting their mechanics to a touch screen to give it a twist on the old genres are Ghost Blade (4.49 euros) and Leo’s Fortune (0.99 euros), on the one hand with something as complicated as hack’n slash and on the other with platforms, which although it already has several attempts to perfect the formula on touch devices, here it masterfully mixes control and design.

Behind them would be those games that monopolize few covers because they are, plain and simple, mere titles for mobiles with no more pretensions than to entertain for a while. Let’s not underestimate them because at the end of the day they are the ones that have stolen more hours with simple mechanics like Crossy Road (free), the umpteenth Frogger clone, or the TwoDots puzzles (free), capable of showing Candy Crush fans and similar that there are better games out there.

In the same way we would find 99 Bricks Wizard Academy (2.69 euros), a turn of the page to the classic Tetris converted here into an architect’s simulator without studies, and Deep Loot (free), which launches us to the underwater world with one of the most addictive free-to-play I have tried this year.

This last review will be closed with Block Legend (?1.79), the perfect mix between puzzle and RPG , and RETRY (free), the only copy of Flappy Bird that not only eats up all the bazooms that made the game a success, but is also infinitely better than the original game.

As usual I remind you that this is our list , but like our principles, if you don’t like it we have others. Better than that though, I think it would be ideal if you could give us your particular top 10 in the comments , helping both us and the rest of the users to get to know games that we may have overlooked.

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