Too many icons on the menu bar? So we can remove them

The menu bar of our Mac is where, in addition to accessing the different menus of the apps we use on our computer, we see several icons appear that show us information. These icons, which appear on the right side , include the battery status, Siri, Spotlight , date and time, etc.

Without a doubt, through all these small icons we get very useful information from the system, although sometimes, especially when too many of them are accumulated, the bar can get a bit full and we lose sight of the useful information.

Too many icons on the menu bar? So we can remove them
Too many icons on the menu bar? So we can remove them

The icons we see in the menu bar come from two different sources ; firstly we find the system icons, which come by default, and, secondly, those that certain applications, such as NordVPN, Skype or Parallels, to cite some examples, can place there.

Removing icons from the menu bar is easy, but there are a few details to keep in mind. If it’s an icon from a third-party app that we’ve installed, the best way to remove it is to look in the app’s options , if we’re offered the option. Otherwise the only way to remove it is to close the application.

For all the other icons the way to remove them is very simple:

  1. Press and hold the Command key (?).
  2. Click and drag the icon out of the bar.
  3. When an “X” appears next to it, we release it.

Simple, isn’t it? Also, using this same system, but dropping the icon back into the bar instead of out, we can sort all the icons that appear to our liking. The only icon whose position must be respected is the one that gives us access to the Notification Center and that is located at the far right of the bar.

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Without a doubt, being able to reduce the amount of information we see in the menu bar will allow us to focus on what is most essential to us. Also, especially on laptops with the smallest screen, we would appreciate some space.

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