Todogadget, a new sales app that wants to make it hard for veterans

Lately, using a trading app in iOS has become very popular. At home we always have objects that we want to get rid of, and that instead of passing to a better life, we can give them a second chance in the hands of another person in exchange for money for us . eBay, Milanuncios, Vibbo -formerly Segundamano – are the veterans of this world, but in the last years other new alternatives have been appearing that want to make it difficult for those of all life.

Todogadget is one of them, and it’s a buy-sell app where we can sell whatever we want for free. It is used to buy and sell between individuals or between companies, and as the ads have a location, we can know how far we are from them , and if we have any around us.

Todogadget, a new sales app that wants to make it hard for veterans
Todogadget, a new sales app that wants to make it hard for veterans

It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android, and its main advantage is that there are no paid subscriptions or premium bills which give an advantage to the highest paying vendors . There is also no commission on sales made, so the money we get from the sale is full for us.

Within our profile we may manage our ads and application preferences , in addition to our personal or business account. We may post comments on our ads and share them on social networks so that people we know also know what we are selling on Todogadget.

If we are looking for something specific and see several related articles we can mark them as favorites to have them grouped later and choose from several. For this, we have at our disposal a chat where buyers and sellers can communicate to ask questions about the article , asking for details, or negotiating the final price.

There is a section of recent announcements where we will see what is the latest that has been published around us, and we will also be able to publish highlighted announcements. One of the main new features compared to other apps of this type is that we can upload videos of the product we’re selling to show special features that would not be possible with photos .

In the last update the developer has improved the interface making it more agile in our devices, besides having added a new complaint module. The ad manager has been made more powerful and customizable , and the application is available in several languages, so that anyone, whatever their origin, can take full advantage of Todogadget.

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