TIDAL upgrades to support CarPlay and Apple TV

TIDAL is a music service offering original audio quality. It now supports iPhone X, Apple TV and Apple CarPlay.

Now we can listen to the streaming music from this service from any Apple device, it also has the adaptation for the iPhone X .

TIDAL upgrades to support CarPlay and Apple TV
TIDAL upgrades to support CarPlay and Apple TV

This music service wanted to compete with the biggest ones by offering exclusive content and high fidelity audio for a higher price than the competition. Although gave us a trial period , it has not captivated the general public.

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The new update arrived a few days ago, offering support for CarPlay, Apple TV and iPhone X , as well as improving application performance and fixing some minor issues.

Basically it means that they want to make it as comfortable as possible for the user to listen to their music from any device to remove barriers and increase user confidence with new subscriptions.

The new application for the Apple TV is quite dynamic with a very careful design. It doesn’t look like a typical streaming music service. They want to offer an experience that immerses you in the music you are listening to.

Perhaps the problem with TIDAL is its price. I mean, it’s great to have lossless audio quality, just like listening to it in a recording studio. The problem is that in order to enjoy this format, we need a headset or high-end speakers that can take advantage of that type of audio.


By offering the application for the Apple TV or CarPlay, you demonstrate that TIDAL wants to continue competing, that’s good, especially for consumers, where we find a better offer with features that fit our needs.

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What do you think of the TIDAL service? Have you hired it? Have you noticed the difference in your headphones? What sound system do you use for it?

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