This will be Twitter for Mac, the application will arrive very soon

Project Catalyst, known until WWDC 2019 as Project Marzipan, is that plan with which Apple provides tools to developers so that through iOS code they can create applications on macros. This project is joined by one of the largest social networks worldwide, Twitter, who have already announced that they will take advantage of the iOS app base code to reach the Mac.

There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the biggest and most important social networks, capable not only of communicating with other users but also of making us aware of current events in a matter of seconds. So far the social network is available on iOS and Android in the form of an app while on computers such as Mac it settles for the web version.

This will be Twitter for Mac, the application will arrive very soon
This will be Twitter for Mac, the application will arrive very soon

Although it is necessary to emphasize the existence of Tweetdeck in Mac, in the end this application is very short in terms of functions and it is more focused to carry out a management of several accounts. Therefore from Twitter have wanted to announce that they are already working with Project Catalyst in order to offer a fully functional application on macOS.

“We’re very pleased that Project Catalyst will allow us to bring Twitter back to the Mac by leveraging our existing iOS code base, as well as adding native Mac features to our current deiPad experience while maintaining efficient maintenance as we continue to improve this shared code base over the next few years.

It may seem strange that large iOS applications like Twitter don’t have a desktop version for the Mac, but it’s understandable on the other hand. Creating and maintaining an application requires a lot of effort from programmers and developers . In this particular case, it is worth noting that most users access the social network via their mobile phones and, if they use the computer, they do so from the web version.

However, it is very grateful for these developers to find tools like the ones offered by Project Catalyst , since they can take advantage of much of the code of iOS applications and thus offer a similar experience to Mac users.

We don’t know the exact dates of the arrival of this new Twitter application for Mac, but there is speculation that it could arrive before the end of the year.

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