This replica of the link bracelet for Apple Watch is not only the same, but costs 10 times less

A curious business that has appeared alongside the Apple Watch is that of wrist straps for the same. Business for Apple that sells them separately and interchangeable and business for third parties that bring out their own versions or replicas similar to those of Apple. Which ones to acquire? It depends on many things, for example the price or the value we give to the bracelet. However, there is no denying that the catalogue and the available offer is interesting .

I’m not particularly a fan of changing the strap every day or collecting them. For the fact of practicing swimming I usually limit myself to an Apple sports strap (the most suitable for water) and when I go to some event or a more serious situation I use a Milanese Loop (which is the one that came with my watch when I bought it). This doesn’t mean that I’m not curious about the rest of the straps, and even more, I’m curious to see how well they imitate the official ones.

This replica of the link bracelet for Apple Watch is not only the same, but costs 10 times less
This replica of the link bracelet for Apple Watch is not only the same, but costs 10 times less

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For this reason I decided to try out one of the most popular replicas for the link bracelet sold by Apple. The Apple link bracelet is one of the most expensive ones right now in their store, available for 499 euros (and before that its price was even higher). The fact that a store offers it almost ten times cheaper with the promise that the result is the same… aroused my curiosity. I got a link bracelet from Lululook.

Only you will know that it is a replica

The box the bracelet comes in is not very far from the ones used by Apple. Just enough to protect the bracelet from damage. Inside the box itself, we found the bracelet without any other accessories. Unlike others, this one doesn’t need extra accessories to remove or put links .

In my case I chose a colored bracelet black space and for an Apple Watch 4244 mm . There is also a silver version and a version for the 3840 mm Apple Watch. The colours are actually identical to the shades offered by Apple on its official bracelet.

The first step was to put the bracelet on. The first thing I did when I put the bracelet on was to adjust it. Link bracelets are not adjusted to the wrist by squeezing it more or less, but you have to follow a special method. This method is based on putting or removing links from the bracelet to make it bigger or smaller. On the inside of the bracelet we find a kind of button that releases the links when pressed . It is a mechanism similar to the one used to hold the bracelet to the watch itself. In my case I removed a total of five links to adapt it to the size of my wrist.

The second step was to wear the bracelet for a week to see what the result is. What you notice at the beginning is that it obviously weighs more than others, this is obvious considering that it is stainless steel and it happens with both the Apple and other link bracelets. The funny thing is that I expected it to be annoying , in case it got stuck or pressed against the skin in certain positions. It didn’t happen, it has a really nice feel. Anyway, it’s really the same as any other decent link bracelet.


I even met a watch fan to see what he thought. Some of the people who noticed that I changed wristbands made comments like “I can’t believe you bought the expensive Apple wristband. The watch aficionado said that Apple does “a good job and combines it well with the watches it sells. Indeed, no one thought it could be a replica .

Firm construction and detailed care

The look of the bracelet is really like the official Apple one. It is also made of stainless steel and has a butterfly closure mechanism, but it is impossible to appreciate at first sight that it is not the original. Is this what is important in the bracelet? I don’t think so, I think that what is important is the fact that a good finish and construction has been achieved , regardless of whether or not it is identical to the official one in design.

All the links of the bracelet fit correctly and none of them are loose or slack (unless you want to remove them, of course). One detail that unofficial bracelets always fail to do, according to several people, is because of the fit with the watch. In this case I think it’s perfect, in the photos you can see that there is hardly any gap between the bracelet and the watch in the lace.

The bracelet has held up well during the time of use, I have not been afraid that the watch is used at any time. On the other hand, a few knocks have been taken and so far it doesn’t have any scratches .

Lululook link bracelet for the Apple Watch

I am pleasantly surprised with the bracelet . I usually dislike replicas in general, of anything. Here however I have been shown that you can indeed get a quality product. I don’t think I wear it every day because, as I have indicated, I am a sports bracelet wearer due to the fact that I practice swimming. But I will use it on many occasions where I used to wear only the Millanese Loop.

By the looks of it, unless you’re very picky, you’re not going to notice any details if you don’t look deep enough. Is it worth it then? We’re talking about 53 euros against 499 euros … it’s a crazy difference and this alone should be enough of an argument to say that it’s a bracelet worthwhile.

The Lululook link bracelet can be purchased from the official website of the company. It is a secure payment as it is processed by bank card and with verification. Or if you prefer, you can pay directly with Apple Pay. Shipping is free, although if you wish you can order an express delivery for a few extra euros.

This accessory has been given for testing by Lululook. You can consult our policy of relations with companies here.

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