this is the iPhone lock screen we want in iOS 12

With 7 days to go until WWDC 2018, rumors and ideas about the Apple Developers Conference are rampant . Not only with leaks, but also with wish lists and creations, both hardware and software.

If a few days ago we showed you a concept of iOS 12 that solved the terrible management of iOS notifications, from the Brazilian website iHelpBR comes another very interesting concept that also explores how to modify the notifications and at the same time change the way we raise or lower the volume , another of the classic demands of iPhone and iPad users.

this is the iPhone lock screen we want in iOS 12
this is the iPhone lock screen we want in iOS 12

Hopefully Apple will take note of these concepts because we actually know that iOS 12 will be focused on improving device performance, but these small details are not complicated from a development standpoint and would be very welcome.

Everybody likes iOS and its simple, clear and intuitive interface , it’s just that iOS 11 had too many bugs, but this particular fact does not tarnish Apple’s good work.

This concept doesn’t get too complicated but it changes only where necessary : modifying the volume control, with the new always-on-display and night mode and finally redesigning the widgets. What else?

As you can see, the changes are not too traumatic. The “complications” or widgets have changed their design to be more minimalist and to fit better in the blocking screen. As with the Apple Watch, they can be arranged to suit the user or according to frequency of use.

For iPhone X and other upcoming OLED phones, this home screen takes on a different feel thanks to the always-on-display mode that will be displayed in black to save battery power .

With a simple touch of the screen , the rest of the elements will appear on the screen with the same sense of clarity and order.

In the web concept brasileira , the lock screen widgets can be expanded with a strong touch in the style of 3D Touch, which would also allow to group several notifications in a single icon . In other words, we could collect and expand the notifications with a simple touch.

Another thing we like about this concept is the audio controls , which finally leave the central part of the screen obstructing the view: now they will be more of a complication than just annoying.

Imagine you are listening to a song, as you see, varying the volume will be as easy as ever but the interface has been modified so that the volume bar is in the upper left corner of the notch .

And finally, this concept explores the dark mode to save battery power and at the same time make our vision less tiring.

We love this concept. What would you like to see in iOS 12?

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