This is the Apple Store in the Xanadu shopping center in Madrid

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This is the Apple Store in the Xanadu shopping center in Madrid
This is the Apple Store in the Xanadu shopping center in Madrid

I imagine that many of you who live in Madrid and the surrounding area, or maybe even further afield, are thinking of paying a visit to the Apple Store in Madrid, located in the Xanadu shopping center. Tomorrow is the official opening of the store, but thanks to Apple’s press conference today, we can bring you this video of the store, just filmed, so that you can visit it at least virtually before it opens. Right now I’m outside the store after the visit, and I can’t wait to share a visit through it. Edited : The video is now in better resolution, as well as a photo gallery.

Xanadu is open 363 days a year and is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. It has an indoor ski slope, which is open all year round. And now, for those who are looking to buy a product from Apple, Xanadu has the incentive to host the second official Apple store in Spain. Located on the second floor, the Apple Store is quite large, although not as large as the store in Barcelona, and is similar in distribution to other Apple stores located in malls. In the background we can see the Genius Bar, and in the typical wooden square tables that populate the center of the store can try all kinds of Apple products. On the right as we enter we have the new iPods, on the left the mac. In the center, an entire table dedicated to the iPhone 4, which can be purchased both free and with a plan with an operator. In the background and on the sides, we can destine to software, laptop accessories, peripherals and all kinds of third party products to make our lives easier.

More than 60 people work in the store, making the process of buying new equipment and accessories as well as the after-sales and troubleshooting process in the Genius Bar as user-friendly as possible. In the store there are 3 payment points, but also the people who attend us will be able to charge us if we pay by credit card with some points of sale based on iPod Touch as we have already commented in Apple, thus speeding up the purchase process.

Unfortunately the store does not have a presentation area, but the store is spacious and not overcrowded. All the people who work there have been very kind and have attended to us as expected in an Apple Store. If you’re not close by, comment that by the end of 2012 there will be 10 stores in Spain, some larger and others the size of Xanadu’s. The idea of Apple in its landing in Spain as far as stores are concerned, is to reach the general public and people who have never considered having a Mac. 50% of sales in Apple stores are from people who have never had an Apple product, hence the importance of settling in shopping centers with large influxes as is Xanadu (although it is far from the center of Madrid) and offer a comprehensive service to customers.


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