This is 1Password for iOS and macOS, the app that securely stores all your passwords and important data

Few apps have remained on my iPhone home screen for years. In order for that to happen, two factors must be met, which are being a cared for application and meeting an important need. So, for years Safari has endured because it is the browser par excellence, iA Writer for being the place to write down any idea or note and 1Password, because my digital life simply depends on 1Password .

Today many users know 1Password, it is a password manager that allows us to securely store our information under a master password. It is the best known password manager of all, not the only one, but the best. Or at least that’s what so many years in the first place by preferences for users guarantee.

One password to master them all

This is 1Password for iOS and macOS, the app that securely stores all your passwords and important data
This is 1Password for iOS and macOS, the app that securely stores all your passwords and important data

The operation of 1Password and password managers in general can be defined very easily: an application that saves your website access passwords and which can only be accessed with a master password to open the application . This is the basic definition, but currently covers much more than most password managers.

1Password is a constant evolution, it has gone from being a password manager to being a place to store everything important

1Password for example has evolved over the last few years , it’s no longer just a matter of saving passwords for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Google or whatever service. It now allows us to save all this, for example:

  • Logins: The classic access to a web with user, password, URL, mail… This is what 1Password is most used for.
  • Notes: A text that can contain images and also be blocked by a specific password.
  • Credit Cards: The best way to save your credit card data in a secure digital copy.
  • Identity cards: All the details of your ID card or passport in one place. Yours and those of whoever you want, because you can add as many as you want.
  • Documents: A PDF document, a photograph… any important file can be uploaded to 1Password for password only access. I for example use this feature to add the digital contracts.
  • Driving licences: Just as identity documents can be stored, so can driving licences.
  • Passports: And of course, the passports with all their data.
  • Software licenses: Have you bought an app and been sent a license number? Nothing better than storing it in 1Password, so that if you install the app again you don’t have to search through hundreds of emails for the license.
  • Routers: The best way to store the Wi-Fi key and other router data.

As you can see, any important information can be stored in 1Password. The app has many other extra features such as two-factor authentication codes, travel mode, multiple vaults… but we’ll deal with all that another time.

One app for each device

At this point the same thought always comes up “I can do all that in other apps or even with Apple’s iCloud Keychain”, well, not really. While Apple has built its own password manager into Safari, and while you can save all the information in an encrypted note or an encrypted Excel document directly… it’s still not up to 1Password. 1Password is a dedicated app designed for this function , you can write it all down in a document, but that document won’t fill out forms for you, for example. What about iCloud Keychain? An excellent alternative except when you need to use something other than an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

1Password has the advantage of being available on all major platforms. But let’s focus on those that cover Apple devices:

  • 1Password for macOS: The app that includes all the possible functions and without any limitation thanks to the possibilities of the platform. The highlight of the 1Password app for macOS is that passwords can be easily accessed at any time from the menu bar.
  • 1Password as a Safari extension: The add-on to the MacOS app is its Safari extension, which allows us to quickly access it from any website and autofill the form with the name and password. It also takes care of collecting new passwords and updating existing ones if we change them on a website.
  • 1Password for iOS:Thanks to Face ID and Touch ID we don’t even have to always insert the master password to unlock the app, it’s done automatically. In addition to querying the data the app also integrates very well with third party services to auto-fill the password of a login through the extension of the application.
  • 1Password for watchOS: We can add the most common passwords that we use in the Apple Watch. This way we can consult them without the iPhone.
  • 1Password for the web: Don’t have any of your devices at hand? No problem, 1Password can also be accessed directly from the web.

A security system for those who care about their privacy

Using a password manager is practically a must these days. We have countless accounts and using the same or similar passwords for all of them is too risky. With a password manager we can have complex, different and unique passwords , memorizing only one. You can do this with an encrypted note, you can save them in an Excel document, you can use memory systems… but nothing will make it easier than a password manager.

With the extras offered by 1Password we can also use the application as a storage place for sensitive information. Everything you care about and don’t want to lose, you can store in 1Password.


The service can be tried out free of charge for 30 days after which we pay an annual fee of $35.88, or $2.99 per month . There is also a family plan for up to 5 people for $4.99 per month. The conversion to euros varies slightly according to the exchange rate. You can also subscribe from the App Store for 4.49 euros per month or 40.99 euros per year. Applications for iOS, macOS, and any other platform are free to download.

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