This has been the evolution of Apple TV and this is what we expect from its possible renewal

Much has been said that the Apple TV began as a hobby in Cupertino, an entertainment system that sought to boost the consumption of content of its flagship product, iTunes, giving the possibility of everything jumping from their devices to a television.

In a few hours Tim Cook will be on stage to introduce us safely to the new iPad, but his “It’s been way too long” invites us to imagine that there will be something else , like products that have not seen a renovation for a long time, as is the case of Apple TV, of which I will review its brief but intense life, where it has gone from being a simple hobby to a product that more and more people are demanding.

2007 – Apple TV first generation

This has been the evolution of Apple TV and this is what we expect from its possible renewal
This has been the evolution of Apple TV and this is what we expect from its possible renewal

January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs announced in the framework of that famous Macworld his new multimedia device focused on the home and our living rooms, the Apple TV, which came in two configurations, one with 40GB hard drive with a price of $ 299 and another with 160GB of storage for $ 399, both equipped with a modified version of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, with this, Apple was looking to enter a field so far unknown to them, the distribution and consumption of content.

For 2008, Apple TV received its first update which brought as new features the possibility of connecting directly to iTunes to rent movies and thus no longer depend on a Mac or PC to transmit and synchronize the content included in our iTunes library, where the idea was to take advantage of your hard drive independently, since when used with a computer in a mandatory way its function became repetitive.

Apple TV transmitted signals at a maximum resolution in HD at 720p through an HDMI connection, where in addition to this, we had component video, ethernet, analog RCA audio and optical audio connections. Its measurements were 198 x 198 x 28 millimeters with a weight of 1.09 kilograms.

The Apple TV had a long life, even with a couple of other updates that gave it compatibility with the first two generations of the iPhone and the Remote application. The 40GB version was released in September 2009, while the 160GB version lasted another year until September 2010 .

2010 – Apple TV Second Generation

September 1, 2010, during one of the traditional “musical” events, the renovation and major change of the Apple multimedia box was announced. This is how we got to know the new Apple TV with a considerably smaller and lighter design , thanks to the elimination of the hard drive and the focus on being a transmission box rather than a storage box.

At its launch the operating system was based on iOS 4.1 , under the name Apple TV Software 4.0, and inside it we found an Apple A4 processor with 256MB in RAM, plus HDMI connections for HD transmission at 720p, Bluetooth, ethernet, optical audio and dimensions of 99 x 99 x 23 millimeters with a weight of just 270 grams.

In addition to the design details, the second generation of the Apple TV incorporated AirPlay technology , which enabled iOS and iTunes devices on desktop computers to stream content directly to the Apple media box. In addition, the new software version allowed for a new interface as well as themed channels.

The price was also reduced, remaining at $ 99 for a box that offered to transmit content to our televisions, an argument that did not convince many at first, but over time was gaining followers, even reaching almost three million units only during 2011 . The second generation Apple TV reached the end of its life in March 2012 and its last update was 6.2.1, based on iOS 7.1.2.

2012 – Apple TV third generation

The third and most recent generation of the Apple TV was more of an update than a true renovation as happened between the first and second generation, since here they limited themselves to updating technical specifications, keeping the same design.

In this third generation the jump was made to a Full HD resolution at 1080p , as well as an increase in RAM memory remaining at 512MB, likewise now an Apple A5 processor was incorporated.

This generation was released on March 7, 2012, and will be available on March 10, 2013, when the Rev. A model was released under the A1469 model, where the difference lies in the Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which offers peer-to-peer connection through AirPlay without the need to be connected to the same WiFi network.

This is where Apple has been gradually incorporating new features, such as the change of interface, new channels, iOS 8 functions, such as Family Sharing and new iCloud options, with this we seek to give a boost to its set-top box and keep it current . Their latest software version is 7.0 based on iOS 8.

2014 – New Apple TV?

We all know, the Apple TV is a great device , but it is far from offering a complete experience within the ecosystem created by Apple, where over time we have seen the launch of devices that offer more features, connections and content, being Google’s proposal the most recent.

And now with all that competition it’s time to demand a major upgrade from Apple, where I only ask for things that are present in other systems, since another device has appeared on the scene, the Smart TV , which already incorporates applications, widgets, channels and many other features that make it a good option for all those seeking more content on your television.

As we see most of the implementations of the competition are through software and Apple has the tools to incorporate them into an Apple TV , where I would like to have applications, a browser, games and further enhance that ecosystem that we have next to our Mac and iOS devices.

Apple TV se actualiza a la versión 7.0 con nueva interfaz y soporte para iOS 8

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For all these reasons, it’s time to dream and wait for Apple to announce the expected renewal that will incorporate the possibility of using Siri from a microphone inside the remote control, or from our iPhone or iPad, as well as support for controllers for games that connect via Bluetooth, with games started on our devices and that we will be able to continue on our Apple TV, in addition to the fact that it must already be compatible with 4K resolution, this due to the growing market of televisions with this resolution (but I sincerely doubt this while the iPhone cannot record in 4K).

These are just a few things that I, personally, would like to see in the possible update of Apple TV, and I ask you am I asking too much? , would you like to see in an Apple TV update, will Apple renew the Apple TV? In a few hours we’ll be out of the woods.

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