This concept, called MacPad Pro, is simply spectacular

Recently we told you about the patent of a hinge by Apple that would allow to join a screen with a keyboard, very similar to the Microsoft Surface. Well, the artist Kevin Noki has imagined and developed a concept of how this hinge could be implemented together with the rumors of a unification of operating systems and has called it MacPad Pro .

Both on video and in images, we can see how this hinge would not serve to attach a physical keyboard, quite the contrary. It would allow to use half of the screen and turn it into a full keyboard next to a big screen. In other words, it would go from being a iPad Pro to a MacBook Pro in just one movement.

This concept, called MacPad Pro, is simply spectacular
This concept, called MacPad Pro, is simply spectacular

We insist that this is only a concept that has taken more than a year and a half of development, but without a doubt, Kevin Noki has been able to implement it in a really attractive way that encourages us to dream about something like this in the (not near) future.

Kevin imagines a world where we only have one unified operating system. In one of the videos, we can see how the iPad part can use a desktop app similar to Photoshop exactly as we would use it on a Mac.

The part of the hinge is very similar to that used on Microsoft’s Surface. But this time, it allows a touch field to be used on a single screen, in order to have a larger size and even to be able to place it on a support similar to that of the iMac.

The imagination of this artist to create the concept of MacPad Pro is quite high, where he has left us with the desire to be able to see something like this in the future. A touchscreen capable of becoming a laptop as well as a desktop workstation.

What do you think of this concept? Do you think we could see something similar in the future?

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