this app allows to communicate by blinking morse code


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this app allows to communicate by blinking morse code
this app allows to communicate by blinking morse code


Compartir ARKit, TrueDepth y accesibilidad: esta app permite comunicarse parpadeando mediante código morse



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Temas de interés The reality however is different, ARKit has a much higher potential , but like everything at the beginning, developers are experimenting. Remember when the App Store was full of flashlights, lighters and apps like that? Over time it has shown what it can really do, and something similar is happening with ARKit.

A new project by software engineer Alejandro Cotilla shows us how using Apple’s ARKit technology and face detection using the TrueDepth camera, it is possible to communicate with the eyes. How? Using Morse code. Morse code is based on assigning a series of dots and lines for each letter of the alphabet, since the eyes do not allow many movements, it is limited to that each short blink is a point and each long blink is a line .

By following these simple rules the user only has to know the morse code and blink for the iPhone to detect the letters he is trying to communicate. Does it seem cumbersome and tremendously slow? Maybe for a person used to writing with his fingers or talking with his mouth, yes, but for a person who does not have these possibilities it is an incredible advance. Many people with a paralyzed body are limited to simply moving their eyes to communicate, that’s where the real usefulness of these types of apps lies.

At Apple, the TrueDepth camera allows developers to do real wonders, and we already have some examples

The TrueDepth camera was introduced alongside the iPhone X in 2017. A new sensor and front camera system that allows to detect the depth of the face and track the eyes to unlock the iPhone only when looking directly at the screen. The utilities that Apple proposed were to unlock the iPhone and make animations with the Animojis. However, maybe even Apple was not imagining at the time all the possibilities this opened up.

One year later and with the access by the developers to this tool and others like ARKit, we are seeing real wonders. One example is this method of writing with your eyes. But we also saw some time ago a game that was controlled only with the eyes. There’s even more, watch out for this iOS browser that you can download now. Access is controlled by sight , depending on where you look on the screen or how you blink you can move to another page or click on links.

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