The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini May Be About to Be Unveiled

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini could have been imported into India

Samsung unveiled its flagship, the Galaxy S5, on Monday 24 February to great acclaim and an overall sense of disappointment. Now, all eyes are on a possible “Premium” Galaxy S5 that could have numerous improvements over the traditional S5 and the other focus would be the hypothetical S5 Mini .

Since the launch of the S3, the South Korean company has been in the habit of launching a smaller but similar version of its big brother. Knowing this, it would be nothing new for the company to be working on the production of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and according to a new rumour from India, this could be related to the reference SM-G870 .

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini May Be About to Be Unveiled
The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini May Be About to Be Unveiled

In fact, for several months now there has been much speculation about the release date of the Galaxy S5 Mini and its performance, but so far there have been no major rumours that have given many clues about Samsung’s future smartphone. Even so, the latest moves on Zauba, a page dedicated to recording imports and exports in India, put the S5 Mini back in the spotlight.

The price of the Galaxy Mini version is usually two thirds of the price of the regular Galaxy

In the image above we can see a “tracker” of the import of a device with the number of reference SM-G870 , but the record does not leave more information about it. Although from the Dutch portal GalayClub, they claim that this reference is associated with the new Galaxy S5 Mini model. To make such a claim, they have based on the price of the device in question registered at Zauba, which would be around 22,253 Rupees, which would be equivalent to about 270 ? at the exchange rate , which according to the Dutch site would be very similar to previous generations of the device.

To make this small calculation, they have been guided in that the price of the Mini version of the S5 represents two thirds of the total price of its big brother, in this case the Galaxy S5. Obviously, the £270 does not correspond to two thirds of the final price of the S5 in Europe, but it could meet that ratio with the actual price in Asian countries.

Finally, according to SamMobile, some rumors about the Galaxy S5 Mini, claim that it will have a SuperAMOLED screen and will work under Android 4.4 KitKat, the latest version of Google’s operating system. Its release date is very relative, but it is believed that it could come out in June of this year .

Do you think the reference SM-G870 could really refer to the next Galaxy S5 Mini?

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